Cycles nodes - questions

    1. I need to get a Dot Product node but Converter|Math| options do not provide Dot - can I use Multiply instead ?

    I am manually converting this shader from Blender Cycles to Poser Pro 11 Cycles use:-

    1. Also, is it OK to use the Poser ColorRamp node for Cycles shader, because this node is also missing from the options for Cycles inside Poser Pro 11.

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    1. Yes, you can use Color_Math multiply. However, when you connect the multiplied color to a number, the conversion will take the average of the three components. (That's what Poser does when you plug a color into a number.) You will want to multiply that by 3 because you want the sum, not the average.

    2. Yes you can use all the FireFly nodes in SuperFly.

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    Uhhh - I just looked and in the Cycles/Converter/VectorMath node you'll find the Dot Product directly.

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    You will have problems trying to use the FireFly ColorRamp because it will not do the sharp transitions that were configured in the linked shader. I made you a SuperFly shader that works though. Here it is.

    0_1461737216853_Screenshot 2016-04-27 02.05.31.png

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    Put the shadow and highlight colors you want into the Blender node at the top.

    Put the light direction as a vector in the User_Defined node at the bottom right.

    Adjust the level of the mid tone using the Math_Functions_2 (bias) node's Value_2 parameter.

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    Note: The colors in the root node are not important. I used those as color pickers to check what I got in the render. Just make sure Diffuse_Value = 0 and Specular_Value = 0.

  • BB - thanks so much ! That explains a lot. ( I am going to search for the Dot Product sub-particle again, just to satisfy myself) I appreciate all your responses here, and the setup you've devised. Thanks again !

  • I used Cycles:Converter:CombineRGB node in place of the User-Defined node. Hope this also make sense. Render completes without issue, except I need to adjust lighting and the mid tone level ( using that Math_Functions node ).

  • Playing with the values in both Math_Functions nodes creates various NPR graphic style renders, which are pretty interesting ! I recommend folk to try out the possibilities for themselves (render using SuperFly).