Pantone colors in CSP?

  • Is there a way to import different color "books" into CSP? Pantone etc?

  • Specifically Pantone? No. Pantone is a way of standardizing colors for paints and plastics and such. There are some Pantone colors that can be used in CMYK printing and CSP can export files with a CMYK profile assigned but CSP colors begin in an RGB color space and are converted to the specified CMYK profile. Without a CMYK color space to work from it would be almost impossible for you to use a Pantone color space accurately. Pantone Spot Colors are also a no go unless you create a separate layer in black and ask the printer to print that plate in a specific Pantone Spot Color.

    You can, however, customise your own color swatches. They're called Color Sets in CSP. Open the Color Set window and click the monkey wrench to edit the set. Click Add New Settings, give it a name, and use the Eye Dropper to add colors to the new set. You can import a Pantone swatch to a CSP canvas and start selecting colors from the swatch but they will not accurately reproduce as Pantone colors when converted to a CMYK color profile. They will just be the closest RGB equivalent.

  • Once you have a custom Color Set made, you can export the set and share it if you like. They are .cls files and they can dragged and dropped onto the Color Set window to add a custom set to your CSP setup. Different CMYK color profiles can be added to your PC in the normal way and it will appear in the CSP Color Profile window.

  • Thanks for the info!