Filtering by software?

  • I understand this is the forum for all SM products, but it happens I only use Poser, so the discussions about the other ones are just background noise to me. I guess it is the same for people only using some other software.
    Could we have a way (or is there a feature already) to filter out new posts/topics about other software? In my case, to only see what has been posted in "Poser", "Announcements" and "Comments"? Especially in the "Recent" and "Unread" filter?

  • @rg5a said in Filtering by software?:

    Could we have a way (or is there a feature already) to filter out new posts/topics about other software?

    Recent is for all categories, but Unread already has a categories filter on the top right. Just select your product there.

  • Thanks. Unfortunately this only filters by one single category. It doesn't help much if you want to keep an eye on several categories (for instance "Poser" and "Announcements).

    All right, it isn't a problem yet given there are few posts; It might become a necessity if the forum really takes off and there are dozens of new posts in every sub-forum (and if you add new ones, which I think is bound to happen eventually).

  • I use CSP, MA and AS. I haven't yet used Poser so I have little interest in that forum at the moment. The miscellaneous posts from different forums aren't a major issue yet, but assuming that these forums takes off, they may well be. If there are a 100 new posts, and 75 of them are for Poser and sock puppets, then it makes it difficult to find the ones I want.

    It would be far better to say, have a general subscription to a sub forum, or a list of forums you want updates from with check boxes, so you can filter out the ones you don't want. I mean, a user can always go look and check manually.

  • And I only just discovered the WATCH/IGNORE button for each forum! Wasn't easy for me to find. The design of this forum (layout and colours) doesn't encourage comprehension, especially for anyone with slight visual impairments.

  • Yes, I just found the Ignore button too, and that's going to help quite a bit, as I'm only interested in the Poser, Annoucements and Comment & Feedback forums.

  • Great! Thank you guys. That's perfect.

  • Too late to edit my post... So I'll add:

    If you could make that "Ignore" feature affect the "Recent" listing, it would be really perfect. There is no logical reason I would want to see recent posts of fora I've chosen to ignore, it just clutters things up.