Anyone interested in clothing items for Roxie and Pauline?

  • @johndoe641 I will wrap it together and have it to you shortly.

  • Status update:
    The last hurdles have been taken and I managed to upload a product to CP store. I used an item that has been available on Rendo for a while. I just wanted to learn the process.
    Anyway, I can move on now.
    More and new stuff to come shortly.

  • I am definitely interested in clothing for Roxie and Pauline. The Batik shirt looks really nice, thanks very much for sharing. I am looking forward to try more of your creations.

  • Anything for Roxie would be useful; I have hardly anything for her. Not interested in Pauline, though.
    I use V4 most of the time.

  • @A_Sunbeam I'm really curious. Why aren't you interested?

  • @F_Verbaas
    I'm interested in anything for Pauline right now. With Scotts re-rig I think she is a possible go to figure for me.

  • @eclark1849
    Some models appeal, some don't.
    Personal preferences, of course, all subjective, but I don't like the Pauline character.

  • @A_Sunbeam I don't like Pauline much either, at present, but I'm watching the development. V4 was pretty ugly at first too. I'll just say that the more stuff available for a figure (clothes, morphs, skins) the more likely I am to use the figure. My focus is elsewhere, so I depend on others to enlarge the figure range (for the time being).

  • @A_Sunbeam It's fine. She's not really my favorite either, although to be fair I haven't played with her yet. There's something about her forehead that just turns me off.

  • @pumeco
    We will keep that one exclusive then!
    She is welcome to come round and show off of course.

  • I would like to see more clothing for Pauline & Paul. It seems to me like possibly Pauling is getting more community support than most of the older poser content figures ever got.

  • @dead_reckoning I think being a merchant's resource is helping there. Maybe all future figures should be merchants resources. Look at what Blachearted did for Alyson2. And I saw the rework Ambientshade was doing on Roxie even though he never released it.

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    I wouldn't have worded it the same way, but that is a good point. To have an "out of the box" model with amazing universal morphs ... an enormous collection could actually be the best move any model creator could offer. Add some fantasy and sci-fi clothing items to the base clothing pack and users would be off an running and ready to get more.

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    Several of us have been suggesting the same thing for a while. It's better to refine an existing figure by improving the mesh, rigging and shape, than it is to keep starting over from scratch. Even if they wanted to change the names and overall look, they could have stuck with the same mesh and just improved it. That is how the daz figures have evolved, at least from gen 4 onward. You would have to ask Teyon, or Chuck, or someone else directly connected to their figure development, why they keep making new figures instead.

  • @Boni I've suggested that plenty of times. They were on the right track with Alyson 2. Even had WAAAYYY to many innocuous morphs for parts of the body only a medical student knew of. Then then started over... again, with Roxie. Plus, she hard had any morphs, and pretty uch like Pauline and Paul this time, she wasn't quite ready for shipping when the time came.

  • In the making and soon in the store:
    The choli for Roxie.
    This will be the first UCTS garment.
    Universal Clothing Texture System (UCTS) is a system that fully exploits the advantages of fully flat and un-stretched UV mapping for maximal veratility and flexibility.
    All you need to apply your own texture is a swatch of the fabric you want the garment to be made in.
    Say how large the swatch is, in cm, sorry for but I am not imperial, and roll the patterns into alignment. All in Poser, no Photoshop required! Want to use same texture on UCTS jeans, skirt or hat? No problem. The system is universal. Just apply the texture . The UV maps have same scale so you can share material files.

    Want to make traditional textures from a template instead? No problem. Just make them as usual and set swatch size equal to the size of your texture map.


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    @F_Verbaas : This is just a heads up. I am a member of "guru" a freelance job site. Just found a job request from Marvelous Designer. You might want to check it out. Who knows could bring in a few extra bucks for you.

  • @Boni
    Thank you for the head-up.

  • @F_Verbaas - please do start a separate thread for that UCTS stuff. Very interesting development !

  • @ibr_remote
    That is the idea. Trying to sort out a few details now as you can see in other threads.
    Sunshine here to day finally so family life this wekend.
    New thread will not be long after.