Easily copy & alter frames in CSP

  • When animating in CSP, is there any easy way to copy a previous frame that you can then edit. In other words you can copy the frame and then alter the image without it effecting the other frames you copied. Right now you it is a 3 to 4 step process, which is a hassle. Any ideas?

  • There's no one click way of doing it. The timeline needs to be told at which frame a layer will be used as a cel. A layer can be used in many frames as a cel so you can't just specify the layer in another frame and alter it without altering every frame that cel occupies. So it's going to be a couple of clicks if you want to have a slightly altered duplicated cel occupy a new frame. Copy and paste (or duplicate) the layer, right click the frame in the timeline and specify the duplicated layer as the cel occupying that frame. Edit the cel.

  • @garlam
    Makes sense. I created hotkeys for the copy and paste function but you also need to specify a new name for the cell that you copied and are not altering. Outside of that, CSP is a great combination of a drawing and animating that I've ever seen.

  • @fmhansen Meant to say "are NOW altering."

  • If you don't mind numbering your cels sequentially, you could leave the auto naming of the duplicated cel as is then specify that cel in the frame with it's auto naming. Add a shortcut keystroke to Animation>Specify Cel>Rename in Order of Timeline and the cels will auto number sequentially - renaming the duplicated cell. It will also place all layers in sequential order.