Which Poser to buy - Poser 11 Pro - Poser Pro 2014?

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    Is it possible to make some kind of record and pause with a button when posing the model in Poser in different situations

    No, posing is immediate, but rendering (baking the pizza) takes time. The work flow is you assemble the scene, pose the figures, and then you tell Poser to render the final quality image. It will start calculating your images a little piece at a time, till it has finished.
    How much time that rendering process takes depends on your computer and the complexity of the scene. It can be a couple minutes/image and it can be hours.
    Rendering is not a real time process. Far from that.

    That's for simple (still) images. Animations are a little more complex, given you don't just pose a figure, statue-like, you also have to program the movement(s).
    The way to go about making an animation (movie), is you pose manually the "key frames" (key positions), and Poser interpolates the in-between frames. Given you won't animate a ballet but just simple moves and positions, I guess you'll just have two key frames: Initial pose and "ouch" pose. Maybe an intermediate key frame if Poser's interpolation is unrealistic, or not like you wanted it.
    Once you play the animation in preview and it looks like you wanted it, you tell Poser to render it; Meaning Poser will start rendering each frame of the animation following the settings you gave it. Which will be long, since there are 25 individual images in a second... Even if you cheat and use a lower frame rate, it still means a lot of pictures to render.

    Making animations is not complex, but quite time consuming. Given you're new to Poser and immediately jumping off the deep end, I'd suggest you try doing some simple things first, to get the hang of Poser's animation controls and settings. And, I can't stress it enough, the manual is your friend. Read it, read it again...

    For Poser Pro users Quenue Manager is some kind of Game Developer Ad-On

    As seachnasaigh said, the Queue Manager is an included Poser tool which allows you to distribute the task of rendering over several computers. As I said, rendering takes time, so if you have several computers sitting around, you can have them all do a part of the work to speed things up. To use this distributed rendering feature, you need a fast network (WiFi won't cut it) and at least one other computer (of similar processing power).

    I'd advise against trying to use it though. In the beginning you'll have so many things to learn and manage that it would be unwise to add another layer of complexity. Keep it simple. If render times tend to be too long, consider doing what pro studios do: Prepare the stuff during daytime, and have it render during the night. At night you don't mind if the computer is busy, and also you aren't compelled to look every 5 minutes if it has finished yet...

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    it seems that the whole software is an filmstudio with keyframes.


    The only thing if I want good quality I need a lot of time when the animation will be rendered and here comes the Queue Manager to my assist to use other computers power in calculating and rendering the final movie

    As I said above, be careful not to bite off more than you can swallow. You will have to learn using Poser from scratch, so don't add the advanced features on top of this.

    (I have to download and install the same version on the other computers as I will have in my Mac Mini in the same network)

    No, you only have to install the (supplied) Queue Manager on the other computers. Nothing else.
    Poser looks around the network and gives each available Queue Manager pieces of the picture to calculate.
    Note this requires a fast network (Gigabit is the minimum), as Poser will be sending around huge files. Also, all the computers used need to be fast enough and have enough memory, for it's a "weakest link" situation: Your render will be as fast (or slow) as the slowest computer used.

    I'd suggest you try rendering solo first. As I said above, less headaches, and while it might be slower on the paper, you might actually lose less time trying to understand what went wrong...

    The only last question is if I can put some Red-Alert-zones like outlines and change the skeleton parts of the skeleton bone color to red color. Is this color change possible when using M4 with M4 skeleton pack?

    Yes, and no.
    Yes, it is indeed possible to change the texture manually: Remember the 3D shape is "colored" by applying an image on it, image which is a simple JPEG picture, and which you can change easily.
    But I think that effect would be better looking if done in postwork (After Effects or some such - I don't know what kind of tools you have).

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    So I understand why you did not answer to my so stupid questions

    Don't be impatient. I'm only coming here in the evening, and not even necessarily every day; It just happened I did those last days...

  • @rg5a

    Wonderful news! :clap:

    I get the picture! Why I asked in so detailed is that I have a smal budget and I don't want to buy software if I can't do the project the whole way, because I then could need an other computer, Adobe After Effects and I do not have all those money.

    Well, it seems that I can maybe do that color change of the bone color parts (not all the bones in the spine) to red color, but not so pro as I would like to. Well, that is a start. I can later rent Adobe After Effects for a month or two to get that realistic effect. An other software to learn.

    Sorry for my impatience. I am glad for your support here. You answered the most critical questions I needed to get before my choice became more secure to buy this right software of Poser Pro 2014. ;-)

    Very soon I will buy Poser Pro 2014, M4 and M4 Skeleton. Thanks you all for all your answers. I came closer and closer to the right answers after the rights questions.

    QUESTION: I will later go in a project group to make an App for the smart phones (I am not the guru in this. It is an other good friend of mine). In which file formats can I export from Poser Pro 2014? Is it in MP4 (video), AVI (video) or what?

    THANK YOU SO FAR! :smile:

    Idiodos from Sweden

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    In which file formats can I export from Poser Pro 2014? Is it in MP4 (video), AVI (video) or what?

    I think all of them. Sorry, I don't do animation, so I don't recall exactly which formats it supports, but it does support the usual ones.
    That been said, the ideal would be to render at a loss-less format (or even in subsequent pictures), and then convert this "Master" using one of the dozen converters out there to any file format you need.
    That way you'll always have a clean, high definition "Master" version of your animation, from which you can spawn all kind of versions.

  • @rg5a

    Wow man. You are very kind and honest here in forum. :thumbsup:

    I got offer to buy Poser Pro 11 for very good price. But what I understand Poser Pro 2014 is still the best for my machine of Mac Mini, 256 SSD, 16 GB, Quad Core, i7, Yosemite OS X, right?

    Wonderful and helpful support. Every support in every business around the world should have this good suport as on SmithMicro Software! :ok_hand: :smile:

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    I got offer to buy Poser Pro 11 for very good price. But what I understand Poser Pro 2014 is still the best for my machine

    What Poser Pro 2014 can do, Poser Pro 11 can do too. The key word is "Pro": As long as you get a "Pro" version, you can as well buy Poser Pro 11.

    "Poser Pro 11" is actually "Poser Pro 2016", they just changed the naming convention because some years ago it was hip to use year numbers, and now it's hip to use version numbers again... :rolling_eyes:

  • @rg5a

    OK. Good.

    I am just thinking of one of the forum answers which was to my question of CUDA:

    "Pro only:

    CUDA enabled device required for hardware accelerated final rendering

    Hosting plugins require a valid English language installation of their respective host application:

    Maxon CINEMA 4D R15-17

    Autodesk Maya 2014-2016

    NewTek LightWave 9-2015

    ZBrush 4 or later required for GoZ interoperability"

    And he answered with this:

    "I'll keep this simple for you, no you don't NEED them, but they're nice to have. Although to be honest, since the user is the one who has to shell out the bucks if they want the CUDA, WHY that was left out of P11 is a mystery to me."

    Do I not need CUDA for the future or is the new upgrade of version Poser Pro 2016 / Poser 11 as it is called instead even better to have which new features and easier way to work with Poser 11 and this will not slow down my Mac Mini. Or is Poser Pro 2014 stil better for my machine Mac Mini?

    This last wondering?

    Idiodos from Sweden

  • Poser Pro 11 has some nice new features (which you might not necessarily need though). It is also the successor of Poser Pro 2014, so why buy the old version if you can buy the new one?

    On the other hand, Poser Pro 11 has still some minor quirks. Nothing which would prevent you from using it (as far as I know), but if you need a 100% rock solid reliable work environment, Poser Pro 2014 might be the better choice.

    In short: It doesn't make a big difference. They are pretty much the same for what you want to do.

  • @rg5a

    Yes. Very good answers! But you do not answer one of my question of CUDA?

    I have to sleep over the night and think about this. Probably is the Poser Pro 11 the best choice anyway...

    Thank YOU! :relaxed:

    Idiodos from Sweden

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    Yes. Very good answers! But you do not answer one of my question of CUDA?

    To be honest, I didn't understand your question about CUDA.
    CUDA is a technology which allows you to render using the graphics card processor instead of the normal computer CPU. It is much faster, but it also requires a high end, expensive Nvidia graphics card with lots of memory.
    So, CUDA isn't for everyone.

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    As far as I know, a Mac Mini cannot install a CUDA card.

    So -- no you do not have the ability to use the CUDA GPU because you can't get one in your computer.

    Also, CUDA is only for SuperFly which is overkill for the animation you want to do. FireFly is more than enough.

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    I got offer to buy Poser Pro 11 for very good price. But what I understand Poser Pro 2014 is still the best for my machine of Mac Mini, 256 SSD, 16 GB, Quad Core, i7, Yosemite OS X, right?

    Excellent. The things are getting more and more clear for me. Thanks to all of your good answers. :smile:

    Finally. The last questing to be answered as below.
    Is Poser Pro 2014 still the best for my machine of Mac Mini, 256 SSD, 16 GB, Quad Core, i7, Yosemite OS X to use, or will Poser Pro 11 (so called Poser Pro 2016) work as fine too?

    Idiodos from Sweden

  • @idiodos said in Which Poser to buy - Poser 11 Pro - Poser Pro 2014?:

    Is Poser Pro 2014 still the best for my machine of Mac Mini, 256 SSD, 16 GB, Quad Core, i7, Yosemite OS X to use, or will Poser Pro 11 (so called Poser Pro 2016) work as fine too?

    I'd say Poser Pro 11 is a much better choice, but some would probably call me biased.

    Check the Feature Comparison Chart for details on what Pro 11 offers in additon to Pro 2014.

  • Given he has a specific goal in mind, I'd say it's about the same.

    Let price decide, since both have (minor) advantages over each other.
    As I said further above, Pro 2014 is thoroughly debugged and stable, but Pro 11 is the next generation, so if you want to keep up you'll have to consider upgrades, and from this perspective it makes more (financial) sense to directly buy the latest version than to buy an older one and then have to upgrade later on.
    To put in in other words, you can't make a wrong choice, no matter which one you buy.

    (I'll be gone for a while (business trip), so I'll won't be able to reply for some weeks.)

  • @Uli-Klumpp

    Good Morning, Every Body,

    This chart was one of the first things a compared the different versions and yes, the Poser Pro 11 is better on the paper. As I have been writing here in forum I have gone through several information processes (learned a lot, thanks to all good answers) to think and to compare to and the leftovers are this:
    A) I have a smal budget so I have to have that in mind.
    B) I have a computer from late 2012 and that is quite an old Mac Mini, but this computer is, strange, in some cases even better and faster that todays Mac Minis, because it is a Quad Core processor with an i7. So a computer from late 2012 and a software from 2014 (thinking of Poser Pro 2014) could be the best marriage.
    C) I have found out that the earlier Pro is more stable than the later one. I have to have that also in consideration.
    D) I have also to be strategic meaning that a choice of latest version of Poser Pro 11 is although the latest generation, but I also have to be sure that Poser Pro is not so processor demanding - so this is an very important possible issue for me to have in mind. I'm not going to buy a new computer if I should notice after choosing Poser Pro 11 that is would be the case. So I understand all of you who are trying to convince me to choose Poser Pro 11 - especially for the consequence of that choice in marketing and maybe also the compelling actors of different 3D artist software could use this in a wrong way and there is always a person behind those choices. That would be sad if that would be using in a wrong way, but everybody have to have in mind that you have to read the whole tread and you have to understand that I have some special demands to focus on (quite simple animation I will do).

    To be clear - I have an old computer from late 2012. I need a software which will match this operation in best optimal use for working with that software. I have a smal budget. And I have not stil got the real good answer if Poser Pro 11 can work as good as Poser Pro 2014 on my Mac without slowing it down, and I am not interested of having a software crashing the moves I do or that the rendering won't work because of some bugs in the latest software - it depends what kind of bugs it is. If it is some minor and not so harmful ones, then that is not an issue. All new software has almost some kind of bugs.

    Yes, Poser Pro 11 is the best choice on the paper, but is that the best choice for me in my situation considering of:

    1. Old Mac Mini from late 2012.
    2. Poser Pro 2014 (stable software) is closer to 2012 than Poser Pro 11 (even could be called for Poser Pro 2016 and not so "stable"), depending if Poser Pro 11 has been so much optimized so it could even be faster than Poser Pro 2014 in older and newer computers?
    3. I have an smal budget (I am not going to buy a new computer and I am not going to buy Poser Pro 11 for $ 499.99 USD [but I could buy it for better price as I have been offered, but again - it depends what the answers will be to C, D and 2]).

    Idiodos from Sweden

  • I have used Poser Pro 2012, 2014 and 11 on my Windows laptop (Quad core A8-3530MX 1.9GHz and 6GB ram) which is about the same age as your Mac Mini and have had no issues with speed or not running correctly. One point to be made for going with Poser Pro 11 is that it has the custom Parameter palettes. Which make it really nice to put just those dials that you will be using to animate your character with, instead of looking at every single dial in the body of your figure. Price wise if the cost is close to the same I would go with Poser Pro 11 because PP2014 is probably not going to get any more updates (except to fix an OS issue) and PP11 could possibly get further features with Service Releases.

    Also you may want to go to Runtime DNA and check the forums for some hints that I have posted over the years about animating with Poser. Search for Richard60. Also several of the other people who have answered have some good advice over there as well, Seachnasaigh comes to mind as a good source.

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    If you look at various sites online you can usually find good sales on older versions of Poser. This could actually help you solve the problem and stay within budget. It can be cheaper to buy a copy of Poser Pro 2014 and then upgrade it to Poser 11 Pro, than buying Poser 11 Pro at full price.

    Just a suggestion.

    Also, I built my PC in 2012 and am still running just fine on it. It's windows 7 with a quad and 16gb. I have no problems with 2014 or 11 pro running smoothly. The same should be true for a mac of the same age.

  • @AmbientShade

    Thank your for your time to answer me!

    It seems that Poser Pro 11 is a good choice, for an upgrade if I find a good price of Poser Pro 2014. I have an offer to buy Poser Pro 11 for a good price. Just waiting for some details if it will work.

    What graphic Card do you have? I have On my MacMini Intel HD Graphics 4000, quite simple graphic card. Could it be so good in this case anyway?

    Idiodos from Sweden

  • @richard60

    Thanks a lot of your input. I Like this forum. So many helpful people here sharing with their thoughts and experience. :clap:

    What graphic card do you have in your computer? As I have an Intel HD Graphic 4000, quite simple one. Can it be good enough with Poser Pro 11?

    I will go and read the hints about animation and search for Richard60 ASAP I had installed Poser Pro.

    Poser Pro 11 or Poser Pro 2014... probably Poser Pro 11 if the good offer still is active from the salesman and you have as simple graphic card as in mine Mac Mini OR it can run as good as better graphic cards do. I guess the Graphic Card is a important issue of animation but maybe not so important when rendering - there is maybe the processor speed more vital - right?.

    Wonderful help!

    Idiodos from Sweden