Which Poser to buy - Poser 11 Pro - Poser Pro 2014?

  • Since Poser 5 the render engine has been Firefly. This is a CPU based renderer. Poser 11 has both Firefly and SuperFly. Superfly works with both the CPU and if you have the right type of video card the GPU. My laptop has a built in AMD video system so can not use the GPU option of Superfly, but it does a nice job with CPU. If you read the forums you will find that the GPU renderer does not increase render speeds by that much. Having said that Superfly can do some renderings functions that Firefly can not, but both of them can be done by the CPU or GPU and in some cases only by the CPU.
    The main advantage in having a more powerful GPU is that it can display in the preview window how lights are going to show and what the shadows will look like. But you will find that Preview and Final Render will look different so for the most part if your current video system can play games and watch YouTube videos then it should be able to handle Poser.

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    What graphic Card do you have?

    GTX 970.

    You can get some very nice results in P11's preview render. It's better than a lot of firefly renders you find in the galleries, imo - if you aren't looking for ultra realism.

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    Excellent! :v:

    Then I will buy Poser Pro 11 ASAP, if I still have the good offer from one salesman. I wont give my credit card number, but I can use PayPal. I hope the salesman accepts that.

    Otherwise I will buy a Poser Pro 2014, cause my budget is what it is.

    Thants all for your so good and patient explanations of something which is so easy for you, but has been insecure for me in the beginning. Now I now better, thanks to ALL OF YOUR GOOD ANSWERS!!! :clap: :smile:

    Next time I have a question it will be some technical help or doing some stuff, hopefully depending if I will get the software for that good price and I can buy from him through PayPal, in Poser Pro 11. I will study a lot the manual, as suggested earlier from some forum member.

    Idiodos from Sweden