IK off script?

  • Don't suppose anyone here knows of a script or can write one quickly that turns IK off across all figures in a scene? Alternately, am I missing something or is there no option to set keyboard shortcuts for IK?

  • IIRC, there is an IK settings script available for free on ShareCG. I don't remember the author or whether or not is allows for multiple selections, but it can at least turn off IK for a figure, saving you several toggles.

    It may also be worth noting that you can save a figure to the library with its IK turned off and it will retain that setting. That wasn't always the case. If you have issues, there, there is also a way to edit a .CR2 to toggle IK off, permanently, unless retoggled in the normal way, so you can be sure IK is always initially turned off for that figure when that figure is loaded.

  • Thank you. No definitely not looking to permanently disable IK, simply to turn it off globally for all figures at the end of a posing session as it used to and maybe still can cause what I assume are cross talk problems and permanent file corruption if left on in a save. The cross talk definitely appears to still be an issue where you apply IK, then a library pose, and parts of another figure will change.

  • # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- 
    # ___ structure ___
    import poser
    def getiknames(figure):
        return figure.IkNames()
    def togglestatus(figure ,c):
        figure.SetIkStatus( c, not figure.IkStatus(c) ) # 0 for off , 1 for on
    for figure in scene.Figures():
        IkNames=getiknames( figure )
        for ik in IkNames:
    	togglestatus( figure , c )

  • @structure Wow - thank you so much structure!

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