Products generate dozens of errors in Poser 11

  • Perhaps since the last SR (I didn't notice it earlier) several products have generated 60+ errors in the log when loading. Mostly they are that deformer zones cannot be found (esp. 3D Age products). The products still seem to work, but it is annoying having the log flooded with errors. I reinstalled the product, but the errors persist.
    Has anyone else seen this?

  • Poser Ambassadors

    You can turn off debug mode (arrow in the top right and deselect debug) and those warnings will no longer appear in the log

  • OK cool... odd thing though; I saved the scene to look at later and when I loaded it the errors didn't occur, but if I load the items in a scene it happens again... no idea what's going on there.


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    I think those zones (and deformer props) are created when they are not found, so when you save the scene and reload it, the zones will be there. That would explain it