PoserPython: Can I Set Material Room Nodes As 'Selected'

  • I'm writing wacros to add useful node groups, and want to ensure that all the nodes I create are 'selecte'd so that they can be easily repositioned by hand (i.e dragged around as a group)

    I've checked the Shader Tree Methods and Shader Node Methods sections of the PoserPython manual and can't see any way to select a node or group of nodes.

    I've noticed that none of the nodes created by existing wacros are selected after running the wacro, which doesn't sound promising.

    I've tried using node.Selected(1) and node.SetSelected(1) on the off-chance that the relevant function was never documented, but those functions don't exist.

  • @3dcheapskate btw - I'm using Poser 9 / PP2014

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    I believe they did not implement any way to do this.

    It is my opinion that the UI engineers should be forced (FORCED!) to build their UI using ONLY the API exposed to customers. This is the only method I've found to ensure that the API team correctly implements the full API for end users.