Copy-paste vector layer behavior?

  • Hi there

    When I copy-paste a vector then sometimes it is pasted on a new layer and sometimes it is pasted on the same layer (different documents).

    How is that behavior controlled?


  • A vector will paste onto a vector layer if the vector layer is selected. If you're on a raster layer, pasting a vector will create a new layer.

  • If the last thing that you clicked on was the vector layer in the side bar then it will copy that entire layer to a new layer.

    If the last thing that you clicked on was an individual vector (or several vector lines) in the main editing window, and you have a box with circles on the corners highlighting the vectors, then you will copy those vectors within the layer rather than the entire layer.

  • Thank you to both of you.

    What is happening here, with one paper layer and one vector layer:
    No matter what I do a new layer is created when I paste.


  • @Micmac

    When you select the vector elements to copy do you use the Marquee tool, or do you click on them directly and get the box with the drag handles on the corners surrounding the vectors?

    Do you have this problem with other documents?

    HAve you checked that the layer isn't locked. A locked layer will always be copied in its entirety and a new layer will be created, you can copy part of it.