Using rulers with Text?

  • I want to draw a circular logo with text around the outside. Is this possible to do automatically in CSP using rulers?

    If I were using a program like Inkscape I would just select the text and any vector path and then use the Put On Path command to wrap the text around the outside of a shape. I can't seem to do this in CSP.

  • There is no Text on Path in CSP.

  • There are rulers, though.

    Can a ruler be used with text?

    It's a common enough function found in everything from Photoshop to Gimp.

  • No, there's no text along rulers either. The text is entered on canvas in its original orientation (defined by the font software). CSP won't turn the font at all unless it's rasterized. Then you would have to turn the font yourself.

    CSP doesn't really do vectors that well. There's no vector fills, no shape subtracts or adds, no (real) quick trace and so on. It's not really a very good app for logo creation.

  • That sounds like something that should be added as a requested feature.

    I'll just use the "totally free" Inkscape to do it instead.