Looking to replace my Intuos 4

  • I'm looking to replace my aging Intuos 4 and am looking for something that will be good to use with MS/CSP.

    I have my eye on a Cintiq. I've found one around 700~800$ on some sites. What I'm not sure about is, is this a standalone machine or is it something I'm going to have to connect to my computer? I'm trying to remain in a 700~800$ price range. I could go for a Microsoft Surface, or Lenovo Yoga, but how well does they work with CSP?

    I'm really looking for something I can draw on, and I don't have to have hooked to my machine so I can draw wherever whenever.

  • @treed The Cintiqs connect to your PC and they are not portable.

    For tablets or all-in-ones or whatever you want to call them the older Wacom products are the Cintiq companion and the newer ones are now called MobileStudio. The MobileStudio starts at $1,5000. You may try finding a used Companion for your price range.

    I haven't tried every pen tablet out there, but I've used Clip Studio on the Surface Pro 4 for a year and I've been pretty happy with it. Microsoft ditched Wacom with the Surface Pro 3, so all of the Surface 3 and 4s use N-trig pen technology which is not quite as responsive as Wacom pen technology.

    Two drawbacks to the SP4 are the glossy display and the lack of pen tilt, but it's a great machine. There are a bunch of Windows 10 tablets that offer the portability you're looking for at a lower price than Wacom's products. You should give them a look.

  • Hearing that the SP4 pen isn't has responsive is kind of disheartening...might just go for the Cintiq if the cord is long enough. I'd rather have a better drawing experience than freedom from my machine, it would be nice if the cord was long enough I could put it in my lap and draw while watching TV or something.

  • From my stand point there isn't enough difference between Wacom and N-trig to justify the price difference. The Surface pen does everything I want it to do, except tilt. Wacom is the best, but the Surface pen will get the job done.

    What I see as a small difference may be a huge difference to you. You should definitely check out the Surface before you make a decision.

  • Unfortunately, since no retailers have in-store demo versions of WACOM models I too have been going through some serious trial and error trying to find a better tablet after using the Intuos 4 for years

    First, I picked up the Medium Intuos Pro with Touch and felt it was nice having a bigger work area but figured I had put in more than enough years dealing with the hand/eye disconnect so I decided to return/replace and move up to a Cintiq HD13 @treed
    While I enjoyed direct pen to image contact on the 13HD I missed the Touch controls (which even worked on the Intuos 4!)

    The difference in screen sizes between the 13HD and my 27" monitor are annoying, too not just on my eyes but having to constantly switch between screens to grab at a palette. After a very short time with it, I decided to put it back in the box to make sure I can return it and ordered the 22HD Touch Cintiq to replace the 13HD. The new tablet is scheduled to be arriving this week, unfortunately I just learned the 22HD ships with a DVI cable (yikes!) I thought it was supposed to be more current than the one I'm returning which at least supports HDMI. Worrisome!
    Can anyone advise me on whether this is worth being concerned about? I realize I can fork out more $$$ for an adapter but DVI is like …so 10 years ago

    Again there are no Demo units and unlike the other tablets, according to it's website the local Retailer taking back the 13HD won't accept returns on the 22HD which they've catalogued as a "Special Order" Item. In light of that depending on what they tell me in store this may mean I will cancel the purchase of the 22HD

    I have heard the rumours about the upcoming new DELL tablet and I'm intrigued ( I love my DELL U2715H) but despite the weak support WACOM do seem to offer the best choices and technology… and they are available now ~ have no idea if/when that DELL product will be.
    I've heard lots of praise heaped on the Surface Pro but as a longtime MAC User I'm not even interested in looking at another Microsoft product ever again. Your mileage may vary! :)

    Frustrating that the cheaper WACOMS have better support e.g. both Pro and 4 support Touch AND Clip Studio right out of the box with pre-defined BRUSH controls. Too bad the HD13 does not, though I have learned how to fix that now (assigning "[" +" ]" to expresskeys)