Apply one brush to few frame folders.

  • I have a page each frame of which is lying in separate frame folder. Now I want to change the width, brush an color of my frame borders. But I can not select all the frame borders at once (because it`s different folders). The only way to do this is to select folder border and set all parameters manually again and again for each folder.
    How to set it for few folders at once? Or at least to add my parameters to preset maybe?

  • Unfortunately, if the frames have already been made, the only way to change them is to select the frame and make the adjustments. If the frames are in separate folders, they can't be selected all at once and you'll have to change them one at a time.

    If you have a preference for how your frames will look, you can make the adjustments in your Frame tool palette and register the settings as initial settings in the Sub Tool Detail Palette. This way, every frame you make (going forward) will have the desired look but this doesn't help with frames that you already made and want to change. You can't even make an action that will change brush size and shape preset.

  • Yes, I understand how to adjust it for the future, but I have quite big set of pages, which I`d like to change. It take pretty long to do all these actions for every frame on every page.