Vector corner trouble.

  • Ok, I`ve applied custom brush to my frame border. But now I have this crappy stuff on its corners.0_1484460311894_upload-54a4f9a1-e8aa-41df-9084-f28f24cd4f95
    I understand that I can uncheck "make corner pointed" while drawing. But I can not believe there is no way to fix it when it is already drawn!

  • For the times when you are making rectangular (ish) frames... why not make a frame brush from a square shape tip rather than a circle.... That will give you sharp corners without that "make Corners pointed" which is a pretty rubbish feature most of the time.

  • Man, try to understand that I have a bunch of done art, which I wanted to change. So please, don't explain me how to do a new things, I know it now. You'd better give me the idea how to fix what I already have done.

  • @kostet1977 In the Objects subtool, there should be a tool, "corner/smooth point", that allows you to change an existing point from one to the other. When you mouse over the vector with a points tool (any of them: add, subtract, make pointed, etc) you can tell which ones are "pointed" by the shape of the point -- round is curve and square is pointed.

    If changing the type of point doesn't help, you could add a new point on both sides of the existing point. Then delete the Original point. Then make one of the 2 new points into an Corner point and move it to where the original point was. Then delete the second point you created. Vectors can be wonky in CSP, so be warned. 88toto had good information, btw. It may be quicker to just redo the frames and not mess with the existing frames as you could be sinking in more time to "correct" them than to just make them anew. Besides, by creating a new frame with the brush, you can make sure it's not the brush itself causing the issue.

  • @cartoonMike Could you show us the icon of the tool which you are talking about ?

  • Hope this helps:


  • Sorry guys, my fault. I just posted few posts seem connected in my mind, but not for you :) Sorry again, we are speaking about frame border.

  • @kostet1977 With the Correct Line tool selected, you can use it to modify Frame Borders. It seems that Frame border is a "special" case of vector in that what's inside the border is unmasked and what's outside is masked. You can add points, make corner points/curve points. So you can make the frame border wavy, jagged, etc just by using the Correct line tools.

  • Yes, I understand that I can modify frame borders in different ways. But I dont want it jagged or wavy. Or rather I already have it jagged and wavy in certain places. I have it done, but i want to apply my custom brush instead of regular straight line pen, and here is my problem appears.

  • @kostet1977 then it seems that the issue is the brush settings. I seem to recall that there may be a way to incorporate a "corner" into a brush used for borders... not sure, though and I have to get to work on some projects so won't be able to do research on my end. But you could make a copy of the page/file and then on one of the frames find a "default" brush that works and then compare that with your custom brush and see if there's any different settings.

  • There really isn't a simple way of fixing your frames; nothing along a one-click solution. With your frames on separate layers and your brush misbehaving as a vector, you're looking at a few extra steps. What I would do is check to see whether or not your brush works better as a raster. Draw a rectangle ruler and stroke it with your brush set to snap. Does it look good? Nice corners? If no - fix the brush.

    If yes - here's what I would do. Open the Search Layer Palette and select Frame Border from the drop down menu. Select the Object tool and with a Frame Folder layer selected open the Sub Tool Detail Palette. Go to Frame Border and uncheck Draw Border. Select the next Frame Folder in the Search Layer palette and uncheck Draw Border and continue on until all of the borders are hidden.

    Next, hold Ctrl and select each of the Frame Folders in the Search Layer Palette. In the Layer Palette, hold Alt and drag one of the highlighted layers to the very top of the layer order. This will duplicate all of the Frame folders and move them to the top. With the duplicate Frame Folder layers still selected go to Layer>Combine Selected Layers. This will leave you with a layer of your flattened page including all of the rulers used to make your frames. The flattened copy of your page can be cleared from this layer. Clear it and show the Ruler on the layer. Use your custom brush set to snap and stroke the frame rulers at the desired brush size.

  • Thank you all guys for your advises. But this is not what I really need. It is easier for me to redraw these frames with the new settings and copy-paste it on corresponding frame folders. I was searching for solution for bunch of stuff at once. At least for the whole page. If no way for this - ok, I know how to do this boring stuff separately for each frame or vector path.
    Thank you anyway.