Surface Dial

  • Will the Surface Dial work with Clip Studio Paint? If not is there any plans on adding support for it? I know it's currently supported in Moho but theres no mention of it in CSP nor anyone talking about trying it out.

  • Since no one seems to have an answer to this i bit the bullet and got a dial. Only functions available using the dial are undo redo and zoom in and out. Really hope they bring support to clip studio paint as it works awesome in programs like sketchable. Posting this in case anyone else was considering purchasing a dial.

  • OK upon further playing with the dial you can set up shortcuts to the dial like rotate canvas etc. but those are saved as the persistent profile but it works fine. Havent tried adding RGB settings will try that later.

  • Thanks for the research. I don't have a Surface device (yet) but am interested in the dial and if it can add something useful to the workflow