Saving Masks within a document

  • Hi there, I seem to remember, years ago, in Photoshop, making masks with one of the marquee selection tools and then saving it as a path. For instance, I could draw around a foot and then save it as a path named "foot", or whatever I chose, which I could then use as a painting mask on any layer I wanted, just by selecting it and painting within the "marching ants", or even inverting the selection and painting on the outside.

    Can this be done in CSP Ex? Or am I wasting my time trying to work out how to do it? All suggestions gratefully received.

  • You could get the equivalent functionality various ways in CSP. The most obvious that comes to mind is to create your selection in a greyscale layer, then register it as a material in your materials library. You could then just drop it back into a document, right click on the layer and choose "selection from layer".

    I am sure there are faster and more clever ways to do it, but I figured that was a quick way to test it out as there are already suitable image layers in the library.

  • You can make your selection and then save it as a selection layer or as a quickmask. You can move the content of the mask/selection layer with the move layer tool... etc. and you can click on the colored box for that mask/selection layer to restore the selection. and you can draw inside, outside or on the selection using Edit>outline selection. if its really just the "path" of the outside of the selection you could also create a custom ruler. There are also other ways but these would be the usual ones. Doing it as a ruler would allow you to stroke the path with a flexible line width brush... as opposed to "Outline Selection" which would give you a line of constant width.

  • Thanks 888toto, that is exactly what I wanted. :)