Camera Usage Problem, please help

  • I know how to use the cameras when setting up a scene, however, once I have my project with dialog and character movement finished, I have issues with the cameras. Every time I used a camera (such as the main camera) the camera records unnecessary tracking on the key frames. I try to delete the information, but to no avail. Other times when I go from the main camera to another camera (such as a handheld camera, or dolly) I am taken back to frame 1 and the camera I was using becomes overwritten. Other times it will record the ceiling, floor and the rest of the environment thus ruining my project. How do I switch from one camera to another without needless key frames and information being recorded that I do not want. I am using Poser 11, please help.

  • On the camera panel if you click on the RED Key then it will darken turning off key framing for the cameras.

  • Where is the camera panel located?

  • The camera panel has the title Camera Controls.
    You can see the key on the left side it is red in the picture.

  • Thank you. I am new to Poser. There is so much to learn. Thank you once again for you help.

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