Creating brushes

  • I've been playing around with making brushes in CSP, and I've got three so far. Two of them work perfectly on raster or vector layers, however, the third one won't let me change it's colour on a vector layer. I've had no luck with searching online, through the CSP documentation on why this might be happening just with this one.

  • @Houseofdeadleg when you want to make brushes you want to change colors in, make sure you make it in grey layer and not color/monochrome layer. Black would be main color, White would be Sub color, and gray would be the inbetween.

  • @bloomejasmine It was made form a grey layer. If I use it on a raster layer it changes/blends colours, if I use it on a vector layer it'll only be black.

  • Brushes don't blend colors on vector layers. They only allow for a mix rate between the Main and Sub colors, not between other colors on the canvas. Regardless of that, you should be able to lay down color. Are you able to select the vector line with the Object tool and change the color in the Tool Property Palette? Is the Vector Layer a Monochrome or Gray Layer (this seems unlikely since you said that the other brushes lay down color but I gotta ask).?

  • The tool property palette shows a preview of it changing colour, but when it's used it stays black. The layer is a colour layer. I've been trying to find out what might be causing it via Youtube videos, etc but to no avail. Unfortunately the documentation for CSP is pretty poor on this sort of thing.