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  • Kitfox, as I understand it, it is not bezier points and as such have no handles.

    Only curves in the figure tools can have bezier


  • @kitfox Micmac is right. If you've clicked the vector line and revealed the control points but can't see the handles, then what you're looking at is a vector laid down as a spline and not a Bezier.

  • How do you get Clip Studio to draw Beziers intead of B-splines?

  • Figure Tool -> Continuos curve. Look at Tool options

  • Kitfox maybe you are a new user, I do not know.

    I came from bezier too, but now I use CSP splines (by the drawing tools) all the time. I would not go back.
    There are very powerful tools to manipulate them.
    I suggest that you accept the spline tools for now and learn the use of them.
    CSP has some bezier lines but it is not based on them.


  • Okay, the continuous tool has a Bezier option, but if you start with a circle or a rectangle, as far as I can tell, there's no way to convert it to something with Bezier handles.

    My general point here is that it would be useful to provide Clip Studio with a richer set of vector tool operations, similar to those found in Photoshop and other popular software. I'm sure that a determined artist can do nice things with just a B-spline, but it's not the most efficient approach to many design issues.

  • Kitfox, Try also this:

    For your specific pen look here:

    Subtool Detail > Correction > Post correction > Bezier curve.

    It is still not Illustrator but....


  • @Micmac When I open the Ellipse SubTool details, I can find the Correction section, but there's no Post Correction or Bezier Curve options that I can see.

  • Adding support for radial gradients would also be helpful.

  • Already there Kitfox

  • I'm overall very happy with the most recent update (release delay aside, I guess) - love that clip no longer dies on mac when some other app using GPU is involved; I can actually capture my painting process without any lag now, and using any web-browser other than safari for like
    youtube browsing for references during painting doesn't lead to major slowdowns as before (idk if windows ppl had this issue, but it was p. bad here);

    that being said, I'm really hoping they will expand on brush engine, especially color blending, before adding anything else on top - I've just seen some of sai2 brush tool improvements and looking on the number of added variables alone left me pretty impressed (still can't run the software itself tho, sad);

    I also hope that photoshop's double brush feature will make its way to clip at some point - I'm mostly focused on creating illustrations in painterly, rather than comic-looking style, and I feel I've hit the limit with current clip brush engine when it comes to brush-making; I wish there was more ways to make brush strokes more complex/organic looking. I would've used photoshop for overpainting my clip work, but I absolutely loathe the way it responds to pen pressure, and also clip's transparent paint swatch that erases paint is genius, adobe could honestly learn a thing or two from celsys in that aspect.

    other than that, a minor request - I wish it was possible to undock the new color picker options (like the HSV ramp, or hue circle) into a separate palette; I think this should be relatively easy to implement.

    I'm judging people who come asking for vector tool updates, though - there're lots of cross-platform options for doing vector works, either low-cost or free-ware (like affinity has a brilliant design app that only costs ~$ 50), whereas actual painting apps are either only available on windows, or plain suck (i.e. autodesk sketchbook or current corel painter)

  • @nekomata Good Morrow nekomata, I also came from painter, the blending feature is certainly worthy.
    The thing is ....CSP DOES do it too, I love it and left painter on the shelf.
    CSP is my main painting app for certain, now.
    I agree double brushes would be great and better control of ribbon corners ( ie switch to the second' non ribbon' brush at sharp corners) would make for more control.
    So I've played with blending and natural look / more creative brush effects , I think you'll be pretty happy with the bending that CSP can do with these... Yes I mean dragging the paint around and smearing while applying.
    Have a look here
    Give them a go, they are all fully customised scanned from real ind paints and fully tweaked.

    Here's a video of the install, you get to see a few of the brushes blending in the demo.

    0_1506426997137_Swamp Fusion 1080.jpg
    This image was done with one brush at one size, from the finest line to the fattest blend, I altered no settings whatsoever, not even the diameter. Check it out.

  • Oh and this shows off the blending in CSP too

  • This image was done with one brush at one size, from the finest line to the fattest blend, I altered no settings whatsoever, not even the diameter.

    I have your brushes, Yogg... which one is it?


  • @Micmac , hi Micmac,that's great ! I hope you are liking them.
    The swampy piece is done with ' Fusion' and The 'mountains' uses the 'Range'.
    Both are in the bristle category ( red ). Press harder to blend more, like with a real brush.

    It would be nice, here's a suggestion.. if we could make notes about the brush, that can be accessed in their properties to explain the brush's specialities.
    I have been careful to have only the most the relevant sliders for each brush visible in properties so make the most relevant adjustments - should you need them.

    I think Nekomata's double brush would be VERY helpful, I believe I've requested that too.

    I'll get that tute onto the website as soon as I can some time.

  • @yogg Oh @Micmac Use that fusion Brush at a MASSIVE size 600 is not too much, press VERY lightly and see HOW small and detailed it get's , the softer you press the clearer it gets, more like a real brush that average digital brushes.

  • Thanks yogg, enjoying your brushes.


    Lab color is extremely useful in digital painting. It allows you a much finer and accurate control to colors.
    It'd be absolutely amazing if Clip Studio Paint would support this color mode
    Here's a good infographic explaining the power of LAB color mode:

  • @pa-noa LAB is available from the Color Setting window (double click the main or sub color box).

  • @garlam I'm not just talking about the LAB color sliders, but LAB color mode. It gives a much different and useful blending properties
    Also another feature I'd suggest is the ability to change our gamma

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