Suggestions, Enhancements, etc.

  • I really wished that they would allow sound/music files to be imported into CSP, it would make drawing animations more easier for me if they did.

  • @joy2

    What kind of import do you mean? (A scrubbable synced timeline for the music?)

  • @mechanaut I would think dialogue or music anything that need to sync.

  • Okay, honest question, no trolling/bitterness or anything, just curious:

    Do the devs actually read these forums? I ask because Clip Studio Paint is developed in Japan, and I kind of wouldn't expect the creators to read this English forum. Just wondering if we're wasting our breath here, or if our input is actually helpful in the improvement of the program.

  • @lapinbeau
    That's a good question, honestly. These were the official Smith Micro forums for Clip Studio Paint, and I had the impression they were conveying suggestions from the thread to Celsys in some form.

    However, support is now done directly by Celsys as of Oct 28th, and I wouldn't be surprised if nothing from this thread after that point gets to them. They have specifically said this forum is open until April 26, 2018, and that "While we love having you here, we want to remind you that Smith Micro will no longer provide support here and that CELSYS does have a forum and center for support, 'Ask CELSYS.'"

    In theory, I'd imagine suggestions should go through there, though I don't know if this falls under "About using software", "Seeking advice", "Troubleshooting", or "Others about creative", and it looks to me like they lock all threads after they consider the issue closed or resolved, so I wouldn't anticipate a new suggestion thread there, or one staying around, anyways.

    I'm not looking forward to April 28th. Let's hope an unofficial Clip Studio Paint forum opens somewhere, at least.

  • @arcum42 I think this link is the official "request board" ... but its Japanese and its is swamped by individual complaints about licences and installing etc... There are a number of suggestion requests in there but I could not see any of the hot topic requests we see here in this slot.

    In the earlier days of Manga Studio 5 ...when Fahim Niaz was running the account from Smith Micro I did see a few of our suggestions make it through to Celsys and into the product... but not the big ones around Western Text features.... and I have not noticed anything from us coming through in the last couple of releases.

    Perhaps the trick is to put a suggestion in their list that they check this forum..... anyone good at Japanese ?

  • @888toto
    I browsed around a bit using google translate, and I think this is actually the right board:

    The first was for website requests, whereas this one appears to be for Clip Studio Paint itself. and I see at least one thread where someone from Celsys accepted something as a request. It's mixed in with troubleshooting, mind you.

    Unfortunately, my knowledge of Japanese is limited to occasional phrases from anime and google translate, though.

    Funny thing is that if those boards were in English, they'd be an improvement on Clip Studio Ask...

  • @arcum42
    Thanks... they look the same but the content is different ?? Anyway I have just posted a request for all those text features
    ( kerning, rotation, ligatures, wrapping on word and text on a path/ruler)_ I google translated them , so I hope its not translated into something insulting ... lets see if there is a response ... If you want to support it you can follow arcum42's link and the item is called "text function in other languages" and it is possible to vote your support.

  • If there is not a way to create a new cs paint document to the size of what is on the clip board already i would love that. It's the biggest thing that I miss from photoshop. Command c, command n, command v....

  • Well there is.... File/Create new from clipboard..... boomshanka!
    It's like the second item in the whole menu.

  • Before anything, I understand these would be more associated to "photo manipulation" but the truth is they are a great use for saving time in painting/illustration. The ONLY two things I miss from Photoshop in CPS EX are:

    • Warp Transform (as in bending and curving, it really makes things go faster. Like creating flat scales then warping them over a curved surface, rather than drawing each one out.)

    • Liquify (for fixing mistakes post rendering)

    That's it for me. Aside from that, I LOVE Clip Paint Studio EX and I am always recommending it. Amazing software at a very reasonable price :)

  • @chayemor
    Cps does have a wrap transformation tool but I believe they call it something else. I think in csp it’s called a mesh transformation

  • @chayemor said in Suggestions, Enhancements, etc.:

    Liquify (for fixing mistakes post rendering)

    I've seen a feature called "distorto brush" on (what is supposedly) a roadmap for clip studio development (it's somewhere on their Japanese website, and I have to rely on a google translate to read it), so there might be a liquify tool replacement in works.

    I don't know how soon it is coming (if my assumption is correct in the first place), but it likely won't be as fast as current photoshop one (which is heavily GPU-optimized in the recent releases.)

  • @chayemor The Warp tool in CSP is quite good in that it works on both raster and vector layers. you can also select multiple layers and warp them simultaneously. and you can choose the number of grid points that are available ( none of these features are in the old version of Photoshop CS3 that I still have ( I don't use PS for anything now). However the pS WARP is smoother and easier to use as you can drag from between the control points and there are some nice preset warps. In CSP you can save a warp as an action a sort of preset, but as it saves in absolute pixel units it only really works well on selections of the same pixel size.

    You can build a brush that approximates to a distorto brush ( its not perfect because it it does blend adjacent color areas more than you may like )....however I think these are the key settings to get close....

    1)Ink > mix ground color on...Running Color
    2)INK> amount of paint and density of paint set to zero
    3)ink: Color stretch set to 40

    1. Ink: density of blur set to zero
    2. Stroke: Gap set to something really tiny e.g. 0.4

    you may also find it helps to set the thickness setting to 20%

    I hope Nekomata is right that they will produce a true Distrorto , though in truth it is fun to play with distorto but is rarely of much real use. For general marbling effects I actually have an Action that does a double pass with the Mesh warp tool... and that actually does a good job ...its just less fun than using a distorto brush.

  • @nekomata That would be awesome!!! :) I do hope so!

  • @888toto @joy2 indeed it does! I had looked though google by searching "warp tool" but never found a hit. For anyone reading this thread, here's how to get to it:

    1. Make a selection
    2. Go to Edit > Transform > Mesh Transformation

    And that's it, you'll get your warp tool :) Pretty cool though I have to admit it feels a bit clunky in comparison to Photoshop's. But that's something that will just keep on improving. I'm quite happy to see it at least has the feature, hoooray! :) Thanks for pointing that out everyone!

  • Gradient Map: Real-time Color Adjustments

    Clip Studio Paint's Gradient Map feature is almost perfect, but it's still missing a very critical feature, which is the ability to adjust and select the color and see the results in real-time.

    You can already slide the points on the Gradient bar and see the changes on your canvas in real-time. But when you're still selecting the colors, you can't see the changes in real-time.

    This is an extremely critical feature, especially if you're using this to colorize black and white paintings, since you need to be able to make a lot of fast and nuanced color adjustments and experimentations to get it right.

    Please do consider this suggestion, Celsys!

  • @panhartstuff And by "selecting the colors" I meant using the "Color settings" window within the "Specified Color" option

    To make it clearer I made a recorded gif below (wait for it to load for a bit, since it's a bit big, it might take a while for it to actually show up), showing the difference between selecting colors in the Gradient Map in Photoshop and in Clip Studio Paint

    Clip Studio Paint's Gradient Map:
    alt text

    Photoshop's Gradient Map:
    alt text

  • I'll post mine. Probably a lot of them have already been posted.
    If there's something that's actually possible and I haven't figured it out yet, I would greatly appreciate it if you told me so :)
    Of course I agree with the text tool problems.
    I do my text in photoshop, mainly because of the kerning issues in CS.
    A feature i use a lot is the alt+arrows shortcut to slightly change the distance between letters. It's unthinkable to do that in CS, as it would take forever.
    Since the text tool is so bad, I wish i could export to a multi layer TIFF with editable text.

    I also do my speech bubbles in photoshop.
    The balloon pen is kinda nice in CS, but because of the fact that I have to set my text in photoshop anyway, and because the vector manipulation afterwards is so bad, I never use it.
    My speech bubbles are also without a stroke and with a very subtle shadow underneath.
    Attempting this in CS is infuriating. It's not possible to have shapes without the stroke, so I have to just make it the same color as the shape.
    And since there's no drop shadow option, I have to copy the shape, slightly move it, and adjust the color of the shape AND the stroke again to fake some sort of shadow.
    A simple drop shadow layer effect would be handy.

    I would like to be able to drag the 0 point of the rulers to anywhere in my drawing to quickly determine measurements. (like in photoshop)
    It's very hard to figure out the exact dimensions of frames.

    A burn/dodge/de-saturate tool would be nice.

    Merge issue of sketch layers still not fixed.

    Would like the option to disable export preview.

    CMYK still looks different from photoshop, even though it's the same profile.
    Another reason I have to bring everything to photoshop for finishing.

    clipstudio wants to save every file you open, even if you didn't make any changes to it.

    Saving/rearranging/naming/copy/pasting multiple colors in color pallet.

    the 3d functions went backwards compared to older versions for me.
    I was using some 3d models, combined with very basic sketches. I printed the results and then drew over it using a light table.
    But the rendering is so bad you can't get a nice line art version of a 3d object, and it's pretty much useless to me.


    Auto recognition and filling with basic colors of shapes based on previous comic book pages.
    Like the face of a character you already drew hundreds of times. Since so many apps manage to do some basic shape (usually facial) recognition, it might be possible.

    A fast way to change all the colors in an image to, for example, night colors.
    Software like toon boom has this and it is used extensively in animation shows.

  • @mrfart said in

    A feature i use a lot is the alt+arrows shortcut to slightly change the distance between letters. It's unthinkable to do that in CS, as it would take forever.

    The Word Space and Character Spacing sliders can be used to adjust spacing (I'm not sure why sliding takes longer than Alt+arrows but ...)

    It's not possible to have shapes without the stroke, so I have to just make it the same color as the shape.

    Choose to use Fill rather than Line and Fill when making balloons (Sub Tool Detail Palette under Create Balloon). .

    I would like to be able to drag the 0 point of the rulers to anywhere in my drawing to quickly determine measurements. (like in photoshop)

    Move the 0 on the ruler by selecting Grid Settings under View and moving the x.

    It's very hard to figure out the exact dimensions of frames.

    The easiest way to do this is to use the Info panel. Simply drag a rectangle marquee selection over the panel and look at the info.