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    At least it gives the artist the chance to make decisions on the fly and it's a lot more reliable than guessing at new angles or doing the ellipse angle thing.

    For anyone wondering what all this is about and why it matters:

    You can't just put vanishing points down anywhere you want and expect your scene to look right. I've seen some awkward looking perspectives because the artist laid down VPs using the perspective ruler and just went at the scene without considering the angles.

    In a one point perspective the viewer is looking at the VP directly, at a 90° angle. As you move an object so that two sides come into view, two VPs split the 90°. So if one VP is at x° the second VP is 90°-x°. Throw a second object into the scene that's turned a different way and it's the same thing, a new x° and 90°-x°. The Perspective ruler doesn't give you that kind of precision and you end up having to guess.

    Pulling the Perspective Ruler from a 3D layer is the only way I've found that gives you the proper angles (aside from doing some very complicated planning).

  • Choosing fonts is an exquisite torture in CSP .
    It should be easy to cycle through fonts without clicking here there everywhere , with so many windows opening and closing.
    PLEASE , PLEASE change the way fonts are selected!

  • @yogg said in Suggestions, Enhancements, etc.:

    Choosing fonts is an exquisite torture in CSP .
    It should be easy to cycle through fonts without clicking here there everywhere , with so many windows opening and closing.
    PLEASE , PLEASE change the33 way fonts are selected!

    To cycle through fonts...try this..... select your text and then ( with a mouse) move the cursor over the Font selection box ( e.g. in the tool property palette)....don't click on it just hover and then roll the mouse centre wheel ... it will instantly cycle through each of your fonts changing the selected text as it goes. I wish I could fathom a way of also doing that with a pen drag... but I can use it with a pen and use on of the wacom touchstrips set to scroll and this works too.

  • @888toto
    Hey thanks 888toto, right, the mouse. What the? That's super weird and annoying.
    I guess software dev's are mouse and keyboard people, that's why the pen operations are so rarely considered.
    I think they should force dev's to use the pen in apps which are predominantly pen operated, so thy get to understand the priorities.
    Thanks again

  • @yogg Actually I always thought pens should have scroll wheels on them... that would fix a lot of issues and allow for boundless possibilities.

  • Being able to paint tileable textures would be really nice for those of us creating hand painted textures for 3D art. I know you can sort of do it by constantly defining a new pattern and then dragging the pattern you just defined back onto the canvas in a different position, but I feel this is a lot of unnecessary steps. You have to do this a lot of times as you tweak your texture to get rid of repeating artifacts.

    Something like Photoshop's Offset filter would be nice. Also a checkbox that would turn the gutter area around your image into a repeating pattern of your image would help a lot in 'previewing' what the image would look like when it's tiled.

  • @kitfox
    Yes tileable should be easy, like in paint storm where there is a simple toggle for it at the top toolbar.

  • @kitfox Couple of things that might help you...

    1. if you use the Convert Layer function to change a raster layer to an image material layer then if you pick the object tool you can set the image to tile. You could set that up on an Action that first copied your image so that you could get an instant preview.
    2. I did succeed in creating an action to automatically make a tiled image of your picture which does not have visible tiled edges. There is a special material shape that you pull into your layers and then run the action. I included it in the set of actions and brushes at

  • At the moment the font picker drop down is rather slow to scroll through if you have expanded it so that you can see 40 or so fonts at the same time. I suspect that is because the Clip Studio UI is loading and rendering every font visible every time it redraws this window. It would be much faster and smoother if instead Clip Studio only rendered this text once and cached the result in a bitmap. That way users could scroll through hundreds of installed fonts without any lag.

  • I'm trying my hand at animation. But I'm having some trouble with animation LOOPS.

    alt text

    Because when I'm on the last frame, the Onion Skin feature doesn't apply to the FIRST frame. I would very much like for the onion skin to consider the FIRST frame to be the "NEXT" frame, when I'm making an animation loop.

    alt text

    Seems like it would be a pretty simple fix.

    And again, are any of the devs actually reading these...? Do the suggestions get passed on?

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