Suggestions, Enhancements, etc.

  • @mr.pete I periodically send requests to the support link found through the help menu. I'm sure it would help if more people did that.

  • A big help would be implement wrap-around mouse tracking when using the 3D manipulators. Currently when an object is selected, and you try to move it, the mouse stops at the edge of the screen, and so the object stops moving.

    When manipulating an object, the mouse is not drawing anything, and should not be limited to the edge of the screen. Continuing to move the mouse should continue to move the [selected 3D] object.

    alt text

  • JUST an FYI for the OP and anyone else interested in current compatibility issues ~
    I'm using the CINTIQ 22HD Touch now on OS Sierra and it works phenomenally well.
    I've discovered that just about everything I previously found problematic can be adjusted through user prefs

    Perhaps it wasn't always the case, but I can attest currently WACOM has >superb< support if you eMail or telephone them ~ while this specific tablet is by far my favourite so far out of the 1/2 dozen or so I've used or owned - in direct contrast to other WACOM models there's very little CSP specific mention in the documentation, and videos.

    Although everything is working well for me now ~ I'm going to call them one more time because I do have one remaining issue I suspect may also be preference related where the screen shoots intermittently away while using a certain tool. I think it maybe the setting to do with how close the pen has to be top the screen to register a command(?) the workflow is so intuitive it will be a trick even documenting what the problem is well enough to ask them how to correct it :)
    Other than that ~ there were two (2) extra fastening clips in the box for a total of 4 and I don't know what to do with them (have not used any of them) and there's been a problem with the Display Settings app crashing ~ fortunately have not found it necessary to adjust it but well worth a bug report

  • @mr.pete Did you get pan with touch to work? And if you did, what setting did you change.

  • Now that I have replaced the physical device (non touch) 13HD with a CINTIQ 22HD Touch model I can confirm that I didn't have to change any settings on it to enable PAN

    Pan (SCROLL) works automatically with latest English CSP (on OS Sierra) right out of the box in 3 ways @PGross

    1. The bottom button of the Express Keys
    2. Space bar on keyboard with stylus or
    3. Touch gesture

    Ditto for ZOOM with

    1. Top Touch Strip option button
    2. Two finger pinch and spread ZOOM in/out

    I frequently use my apple mouse wheel for Zoom too (it defaults to that)

  • @mr.pete Can you pan with touch without also using a keyboard or expresskey to trigger it?

  • Sorry, NO, well NOT exactly as described via WACOM default settings in CSP at the moment @PGross though I do have a touchy workaround for you

    While the default Two Finger gesture Touch for SCROLL/PAN seems to work fine everywhere else - Finder, Safari isn't happening in CSP 1.6.2 — if you don't like any of the other alternative keystroke /express command choices the only single handed touch approach I that I can figure out (so far) is to press/hold & run your finger on the tab in the scrollbars the way you would use any other controller

    PS: just for a lark I just launched Manga Studio EX >4< and guess what? ~ the default two finger scroll worked (!)

  • @mr.pete I was hoping you actually had touch/pan working! But that's the same as it's been since Manga Studio 5. Oddly, Astropad Studio has figured out how to get pan working when using the iPad Pro connected to Mac.

    It's the one most lacking feature of Clip Studio for me.

  • Really? @PGross while I agree it will be nice to see this fixed with so many workarounds there are several features I'd rather see added first:

    #1 VECTOR art export to other programs - esp MOHO
    #2 More fully featured ANIMATION options within CSP esp frame duplication -
    #3 Copy/Paste option available on SAME layer without require Combining Selected Layer(s)

  • One glaring omission from any software animation feature (and especially one associated with anime), is tweening. Anime is notorious for panning/shaking, and rotating static imagery as animation, and so it came as quite a shock to learn that Manga/Clip Studio doesn't offer the option with its animation feature. It would seem trivial to include, and Adobe ImageReady is a great example to set the bar for this [minimum functionality] in Clip Studio.

    But beyond that they could certainly improve upon Adobe ImageReady and Jasc AnimationShop. Just imagine if they managed to integrate Motion Artist as a full feature within Clip Studio; or in the very least emulated the project exchange behavior seen with Paintshop/Animation Shop, and Photoshop/ImageReady.

    That said, I would also PAY for [additionally] expanded animation features, like 3D keyframing akin to poser. Ie. Where the poses can change every frame.

  • Other really welcome features would be:

    Listing the size of a download in the Clip Studio asset Browser, during Download.

    Option for New Layer Via Copy, and New Layer Via Cut; as per Photoshop.

  • My suggestion is the dev team actually reading this thread and communicating with us. I guess the rest of my points are lost to time now on the old thread.

  • @MrDaaark

    @MrDaaark said in Suggestions, Enhancements, etc.:

    My suggestion is the dev team actually reading this thread and communicating with us. I guess the rest of my points are lost to time now on the old thread.

    Legal teams aren't going to let that happen. Ever.

    It has been learned that a wall of silence is the right solution in 99% of cases. -Better to risk disaffecting a user/fan base than it is to inadvertently promise something they can't legally deliver, or have a low-level admin misrepresent the entire company or cause a blown out of proportion twitter storm. These fears aren't entirely unwarranted, so who can blame them for obeying policy?

    It's perhaps a mark of success when the user base knows only cold shoulders.

    That being said...

    I suspect that this list is well attended, at least by the Western side of the equation. Companies PAY for this kind of high quality feedback!

    -Though, I have no idea how the Japanese manage these kinds of things. I don't really know the culture well enough to say if being outspoken earns respect or rancor. I will, however, say that every time I've sent email to any Japanese software company, (several to three different ones now with what I felt were respectfully worded questions and suggestions), the message has not been responded to or even acknowledged receipt of. (Not including software activation questions. But that's a whole different thing, and the quick response in that case was appreciated!)

    Anyway, you can make of that what you will.

    I prefer to assume a language barrier and busy work days had something to do with it. Maybe that's too forgiving, but I have better things to do than get upset over negative assumptions. :-)

  • @thatcomicsguy

    Legally speaking, that's not actually true.

    The thread is explicitly stated as being a suggestions thread, so the software designers are perfectly free to read and respond to all reasonable requests, as there is no legal contract implied in the response. Even if there was the implication of a contract a simple clause in the terms and conditions could state that there wasn't and would cover them.

    A lot of companies have suggestions threads on their forums, they respond to comments, and they update products based on them. This is particularly true with startup companies, or companies that use crowd sourcing. In fact the open source coding community thrives on this kind of thing.

    It's more that the software creators are a small team that's more involved with fixing bugs, than providing small updates, and anything that they see on threads like this would come in the next "whole number" version update.

    I don't think that they are actively reading this thread, but there's nothing legal preventing them from doing so.

  • @Perfect.Blue97

    I didn't mean to imply that actual "Legal" -as in "Go to Jail" restrictions had anything to do with it, but I can understand how you might have taken it that way.

    I was talking about the group of lawyers advising company policy based on worst-case scenario projections, disallowing random employees from interacting with the public on their own initiative.

    We don't know what their internal policy states, but I'm guessing that they have something in place to prevent embarrassment should Joe-Programmer lose his cool and say something stupid on line while wearing the company colors.

    Even if it's just an informal memo saying, "Here's the short list of best ways to lose your job..." With many companies, it's baked right into the employment contract. But one way or another, I think we can safely assume that it has been thought of and addressed on some level. -I know at all the companies I've worked in the past, interacting with the public was a huge No-No if you didn't have specific permission or if it wasn't covered in your job description. (Like, "Sales" or "Public Relations".)

    But I totally agree; It would be nice if this software company had something in place which allowed for more progressive user relations. It's unlikely, though, that we'd ever be able to talk one-on-one with an actual engineer the way you can with open source or startup projects.

  • LOL, I wonder what you wrote to those companies FYI (as was pointed out to me by another user here awhile back) -- if you go to the right of your CSP screen and select "SUPPORT" under the HELP Menu you can communicate with >this< Japanese software company CELSYS, INC who have answered me promptly each and every time I have written them.

    This CSP USER forum which appears to have been set up by their English distributor SMITHMICRO, has been pretty helpful to me with other users sharing tips…and is actually much better than the forum SMITHMICRO have set up for MOHO where I have yet to get a single reply to my several posts.

  • @thatcomicsguy

    Quite often, the mere fact of actually having a "suggestion" section on the website usually means that the internal shenanigans have already been figured out, and that there would already be somebody who is in a position to go on the record and speak on behalf of the company.

    I've interacted with companies like this before and have done everything from giving technical questions for product improvement to asking for technical assistance.

    Usually, the level of response that you get depends more on how many people are reading the forum in the company than anything else. One guy who is also a coder won't respond to everything, but if you've got 50 coders who all regularly read the website you're more likely to get a response. Particularly with small companies whose division is more concerned with making ad or promotional material than actively becoming involved in social media.

    My personal view, and I may be totally wrong, is that there probably are very few people available\interested in reading the forum, rather than it being restricted.

    A staffer who says "that's a good idea, we might use that" isn't entering into a legally binding agreement to actually include a suggested feature.

  • As I have been managing multi-national software development teams for the last 23 years...this is how I believe it will be working...

    There will be a “Backlog” of proposed Bug Fixes and requested enhancements...its probably at least a few hundred items long. It may contain things we have requested... certainly they have confirmed to me that they know of many of these wishes. The backlog will be in Japanese and so anything from us ( if its there at all) will be translated. 10 vaguely similar Japanese requests may be in the backlog as 10 items ... but the bother of translation will mean that 10 similar foreign suggestions will probably be amalgamated into one ( lowering its apparent popularity)... If its something that does not relate to what would happen in Japan then the translation may be poor. I mean no disrespect here... we would be similar with a suggestion written in Japanese. I respect that they continually advance the product.

    There will then be periodic meetings at which the next wave ( or "Sprint") of development is agreed upon. The backlog is affinitized and prioritized as to what to include. What is picked will be based on ... What is most wanted, what is easiest to do and what will sell more new licences.... all filtered through the lens of what the (Japanese) participants of that meeting can relate with. Anything that we have suggested may get added either because they see the value of it and/ or because it has also been requested in Japan. The big exception that will never get prioritized through that are the Western TEXT enhancements.... which is why I keep banging on about them (sorry). The only solution I can see is that Smith Micro have to take up the cause ... Ideally sending a Japanese speaker to that meeting representing the specific needs of their international customers.... or by making a special case of demanding Western TEXT enhancements.... because otherwise the process is never going to get there. .... Don't believe me? ..then consider how they arrived at adding Text wrapping but wrapped only by letter and not Word ?

  • @888toto

    Add to that the fact that there will probably be far too few coders assigned to the task, and that there will probably be at least three committees to go through for each change, and that sounds pretty accurate.

    Looks like the best way to get something done might simply be to submit it in Japanese to the Japanese language website.

    It's a good thing that American schools have such an excellent reputation for giving their students such a high quality education in foreign languages, and all things extra-territorial to the continental United States of America. Giving the US so many high quality Japanese speakers whose level of fluency is more than enough to understand the lyrics to the opening theme tune of Magical Girl Ninja Fantasy SIgmA.

    But seriously, if SM reads this forum at all, they probably have a person assigned to deal directly with the Japanese team already, but they probably don't meet regularly.

  • Right now Clip has no method of "centering" an object on the page. Like say, for making a promotional poster or the like. Photoshop has this ability, and I'd like to be able to do it in clip, for the sake of expediency.

    In Photoshop, it can be done by selecting the "move" tool, Ctrl-A selecting the entire canvas, and clicking the buttons that appear at the top. I'd like to see something similar in Clip.

    Some more improvements to the font tool wouldn't hurt either.