Post your Poser workspace.

  • @matb Joe's new Scene Toy Pro, released not long ago, is even better than the older version. I'm really liking it a lot.

    He's also come out with a new Hair Conversion System Pro as well, which I like better than my old HCS 2014. Less steps needed, and it works like a dream.

  • @raven I'm really liking your Libraries view. I never thought of opening it "undocked", but that certainly gives you a much better view of the items in each of your library folders.

    Also gives you more room for the workspace, and considering I'm on a laptop, it would be an advantage. I'm definitely going to have experiment with that. ;)

  • any of you folks using 2k or 4k monitors?

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    Galadriel - two 2560x1600 monitors; the document window is 1200x750 pixels.
    0_1484705423622_Poser work space - pose room - Galadriel.jpg

    0_1484705982541_Poser work space - material room - Galadriel.jpg

  • @matb said in Post your Poser workspace.:

    @johndoe641 Scenetoy? Had never heard of it till now. Netherworks really is an excellent app creator!

    Scenetoy is amazing, being able to select multiple objects then grouping or changing visibility in one click is such a time saver!

    I also highly recommend the Camera Panel Plus... I never liked that archaic gooble gobble round thing they use in Poser, they should have ditched that in 2004. CPP let's me control my view port like any other 3d app, no stupid GUI wheel thing and so many options with a simple click of the mouse.

    If I were to choose between the two I would take CPP every time, it changed the way I use Poser and made it 10000x more enjoyable to navigate in.

  • I looked at camera panel, but seeing as it does not recognise any cameras I add, the product is useless to me.

  • This is my default:

    The sphere is a target object for my default lighting and some other lightsets that I use. It's normally hidden on startup. (I use the sphere to point the light(s) where I want them pointed.)

    The room is the basic "StudioCubed" that comes with the Reality plugin. I liked it as a default, clean, backdrop. It's not toggled for Shadows/RT/Emitter, since I also have BB's Envirosphere loaded by default (With a fairly neutral HDRI for default) and I use that quite a bit. I have multiple monitors, but use those for other 3D apps or references as necessary and don't spread Poser across them. I tried doing that, but couldn't get used to it. I should, though.

    Edit-Add: I really need to dump out the "Camera Controls", "Display" and the never-used "Dot" system. I do everything through the other menu features for those functions and have never made use of them. But, I let them sit there, eating up real-estate, anyway. :(

    The "Dots" are still basically useless, right? IOW - They won't let you quickly jump to specific Library sections, right? I'd only want to use them for navigating to a "go to" figure Pose directory(ies) anyway.

  • @morkonan Wow, you never use the dots? I couldn't live without them for cameras! Amazing how each of us comes up with our own unique ways of working!

  • @piersyf What cameras do you add Piers?

  • I use the dot system a lot.

    When that system is done rendering I will post how I use them.

  • @matb said in Post your Poser workspace.:

    @morkonan Wow, you never use the dots? I couldn't live without them for cameras! Amazing how each of us comes up with our own unique ways of working!

    I've never used the Dots... I once tried to use one, figured it out, went "meh" and then never attempted to use them again. I was, temporarily, enthusiastic about trying to use them, then figured out they had limited functionality for me. I got used to the menu system and ignored everything else. I haven't even used the extended capabilities of the Library, like with collections/favorites and the like. Have been interested, but just haven't taken the time to explore them.

  • I'm like morkonan; I rarely use the dots (didn't at all for years) as they never had a place in my workflow. I have one dot set for camera for thumbnails after setting up a character, and 1 for set up so I can return to my default layout quickly (I sometimes accidentally close panels, drag them, dock/undock them... a simple dot click brings it all back).

    As to cameras many scenes come with preset cameras (none of which ever seemed to be picked up by the camera apps) and I do the same, adding dolly cameras through a scene (usually houses) to quickly move from place to place. I can name them and identify them. I can't do that with dots.

    So, library assistant, scene toy, all those add ons are of no use to me. I've looked at them and decided that what they add I can already do with the existing menu functions quickly enough.

  • @piersyf I've always found that scrolling through long lists of cameras is so tedious. However, reading what you said about cameras noot working with camera apps - is it possible taht dots only pick up the default cameras too?

  • @morkonan said in Post your Poser workspace.:

    I haven't even used the extended capabilities of the Library, like with collections/favorites and the like. Have been interested, but just haven't taken the time to explore them.

    Yes, I'm the same. I feel like they could possibly help me, but then I'd have to be so organised about the way I use them that I might as well simply be that organised about my main libraries and cut out the intermediate step.

    As the number of props I receive with scenes grows, I do feel that taking the time to add metadata to each item would help me immensely though.

  • I don't know. The fact you can't label a dot makes it useless to me. One thing I wish Poser would do is push the shadow cameras to the bottom of the list so the added cameras are above them and easier to find in larger scenes. I asked for that several times now. Shadow cameras are another useless feature for me.

  • @piersyf

    I love to use shadow cams, in particular to position spots and area lights.

  • @Y-Phil
    I use the 'point at' function for that. Auto corrects if I move the light then.

  • @piersyf

    I know this. The idea is not always to point to a specific area, but to look for an effect.

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    UI dots: I will use one dot to establish a workspace with a modest document (scene preview) window and lots of palettes (keyframe, graph, hierarchy, etc) to build the scene.
    When ready to do a wallpaper render, I switch to a UI dot which has the biggest possible document window .
    I'll also have square aspect ratio dots for making thumbnail rasters.
    In the material room, I generally have a UI dot with a huge palette for the material nodework, and another dot with a larger document window for more detailed test renders.

    Pose dots are handy for working up cyclical animation sequences (walk cycle, dance cycle, etc).

    Netherworks' render dots make it easy to run a rough test render, adjust the scene, then switch dots to make a medium quality render, fine-tune the scene, then switch dots to do a final render.

    Usually when I want to use camera dots (e.g., to re-establish a precise camera setup in a later timeline frame) I use Netherworks' camera dots.

  • @seachnasaigh Never thought of using workspace dots. Ignored them when I was less competent and never got around to re-evaluating but your workflow makes great sense.
    I tend to use Pose dots when transferring poses between documents, or as a quick way back when testing scenes. But for me, camera dots are simply the super quick way to return to favoured camera locations without having to switch between cameras. Now that you can define keyboard shortcuts for all cameras this is less important.