Post your Poser workspace.

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    @A_Sunbeam Ooh, liking that scene. Futuristic!

    Thank you!
    You'll find a lot more such in my gallery (under A_Sunbeam) at Renderosity.

  • Everytime someone posts a screenshot that includes the taskbar, I'm tempted to hover over them to see what programs they are.

  • 0_1485093204533_ws.png

    @redphantom - me too. VS Code, PS, Console Emulator, Process explorer, password manager, foobar, browser and mail :)

  • lol, this is a fun thread. Here's a screenshot of one of my PCs (out of four)

    alt text

    I have 18 Runtimes @ 380Gb. My main app is PP2014 with PP11 as secondary instance. I run a duplicate scene there without all the extra props and clothing, and use it for quicker posing. Scene in the screenshot is from the Boat Trip which has 10 full Project E's Two M4's and a ~300Mb Island, not including all their hair and swimsuits and a coolerbox full of food and beer.

    Dots make no sense. And no please don't try to convince me, not interested.

  • Interesting. Nobody has their animation palette open...

  • My animation palette is only opened when I need it. My second monitor is tiny. only 14 inches and I dislike having a bunch of buried palettes. I don't do animation so about the only reason I have to use it is moving keyframes for draping.

  • @erogenesis

    The dots are for people that don't have multiple PCs running Poser.

  • hehe I never even realized what dots did until a few months ago. btw this is my only PC with dual monitor, the rest is single.

    I wonder how many people actually use the animation palette like I do. Every time I tell someone that I use it like a comic flip book they're surprised.

    edit: hang on, seachnasaigh has it open I see

  • @erogenesis Yeah, I've made consecutive renders but just changed the pose and saved as a new file.

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    @erogenesis Yeah, I've made consecutive renders but just changed the pose and saved as a new file.

    you're not the only one. A whole bunch of folks do it.

  • btw, nothing wrong with it, I just noticed it

  • I not only close the animation palette, I also have deleted the 30 frames and just have a single frame. I only increase the frames if I do a cloth sim or indeed an animation. I don't imagine it makes a difference in memory usage or anything but I don't see the point of having a scene with 29 empty frames.
    As for the various dots, I generally only use the UI and Camera dots. I use them for different workspace layouts, vertical render window, horizontal, 16:9 view etc, or if I accidentally move a piece of the workspace I can click the dot and straight back to how I was set up. Camera dots are for when I want to try an angle change or if I move the camera accidentally. Click the camera dot and I'm back good to go.

  • Yeah I discovered that the camera dots work better if you work on the first frame, or from the first frame. I thought they were just to store camera positions. I was working on this scene in which I kept repeating a camera position. So I thought hm, can I use the dots? I saved a dot on keyframe 104 for example, and then went to a new keyframe like 108 where I wanted the same camera position, and applied the dot. Boom it pasted all the camera positions from frame 1-104 all over again from frame 108. So I sat there wondering how on earth that is even remotely useful, to have an entire sequence of camera positions repeat itself. For poses I can understand but camera positions?

    So anyway, I think I now understand that the dots were clearly meant for setting up the UI and basic scene. I thought they were for something else.

  • @raven Yeah, why on earth Poser defaults to an animation set up I don't know, but I've lost track of the number of times I've accidentally set up a static scene in one of the later frames, only to have the camera save tho whole damned animation that was never supposed to be.