Another camera question

  • I am having issues trying to figure out how exactly to use the cameras. I have a video of 3000 frames. When I try to switch from the main camera to another camera like (Auxiliary) the second camera I have selected is the only one being used in my project. Could someone give me a detailed explanation on how to record the various cameras in a project? This is very frustrating.

  • You can only use one camera to record an animation. Which ever camera is the last one you selected before starting the recording is the one that will be used for the whole animation. There are at least two ways to do what you want. First is to break your scene into smaller sections and record each with a camera in the position you want, then combine them together in a video editing program after. The other way is to key each camera position and make sure that you use the constant keyframing. What this will do is keep the camera at a location and then within a frame move to the next camera position. This is most like changing cameras like you are trying to do.

  • Once again thank you. This makes sense. At least I will be able to make some videos. I have ideas on short movies, but up to now, I have not been able to make anything. I am use to Muvizu (I don't know if you heard of it, but it is brilliant) the camera selection operation is much different. Going from one program to another is frustrating, but thanks to your help, I will be able to finally make some decent movies.

    Once again thank you,