Did the 1.6.2 update really just wipe my asset library, then offer it for download?

  • Perhaps I am mistaken, but it does appear to me that my material install is mostly not available, and yet I now have the option to download it all over again ~over metered Internet, instead of the DVD. What gives?

    I can plainly see objects that I've previously used, now needing to be download from the Clip Studio asset store. I can understand that if the 3D assets needed restructuring for the new 3D UI, but why on earth ~if the program still supports previous use in docs, would they prohibit us from using ~what we paid to be able to use!? There is no way in the world, that I would ever re-download the whole library from them ~the one that I was using at will, just a few days ago.

    Does Clip Studio support side by side install of previous versions? (To allow the use of the library)

  • Having looked further into it (and waiting a month for any reply), it seems very divisive [and unnecessary] to prohibit paid customers from using paid for assets ~that they already have installed, and still have on the disc! To instead demand that they re-download the entire library [very possibly over a metered connection!] while withholding functional [editable] support for those assets they already have (to force adoption of the commercial store), is slippery behavior.

    This means that a user is forced to import assets they wish to access, by using a less current version of the program to save the initial file; and then open it in the most recent version to finish editing it. This is pushing the use of a separate commercial product [the Clip Studio store] on the customer by a retroactive change to the program, to break [paid for] functionality that previously worked ~and STILL works, but for the [evidently] arbitrary choice to disable it.

    (The free replacement assets offered on the store are not free to all customers. It could take months for some to download them all ~again, or pay overage fines to their ISPs.)