Erase on symmetry

  • I'm newer to Clip Studio Paint, but I've looked all over the internet for this problem I'm having with symmetry.

    I know how to use symmetry (ruler) etc, but occasionally, the eraser will stop working in symmetry mode as well. I'm assuming that it's a hot key that I accidentally hit that turned it off just for the eraser?

  • I finally found out what the issue was with the eraser.

    "Enable snap on the eraser by going to tools settings (the wrench icon) > Correction > possible to snap"

    I'm not sure how and why it's getting turned off.

  • You could have the option for the eraser to not retain changes unless you save the subtool. there's a lock icon in the tool palette that does tha -- it's on the right side of the Tool's name in the property palette at the top. It looks like a wrench/spanner with a dark circle around most of the business end of the wrench. It's a toggle and the visual cue that it's on is that the background of the icon is a dark grey.

    The "possible to snap" option is handy to have in the subtool properties palette. I find it so handy that the first thing I do after installing new tools is to make that checkbox appear in the properties. You can go into the subtool settings and click on the "eye-con" box (on the extreme left of the property). When that eye is visible, then it'll appear in the tool property palette and can be changed very easily. Super helpful when using any ruler (symmetry, perspective, etc) and you want to draw totally freehand for a bit of stuff.

  • @cartoonMike Thanks. Yeah, just getting a handle on CSP finally, but that one thing (eraser not not working on symmetry) was driving me up the wall. I was searching and wading through hours of content, but nothing was really addressing it until at the last moment I found that deviantart post.

    Is there a way to hide the rulers (i.e. symmetry) while still maintaining its function? I find the actual line disruptive. I keep rulers on a separate layer, while using "show on all", but I can't seem to find anything on hiding it.

  • @lanealllen there's no way to render the rulers invisible but still "active" that I know of. the closest thing I can think of is to go into preferences and change the color of the rulers to something less bright/noticible.

  • @cartoonMike Thanks.