Bring CS6 brushes into CSP?

  • Sorry, I am sure this was talked about recently, but I can't seem to find the thread and after googling I only see an import method that does not work with CS6.
    Do I have to do this one brush at a time? Or is there an import method?

  • AFAIK There is no automated import method of Photoshop brushes. You have to copy the brush stamp image into CLS or import a bunch of them on a page. ... set it to grayscale ( blacks only),, register each as a brush material and then manually create each brush.

    Despite the huge number of PS brushes out there and despite a youtube that I made on how to convert photoshop brushes ( viewed by many thousands)... there is now only one ex photoshop brush that I ever use. i.e. For simple shapes its not worth going through the process and for small complex shapes you mostly are better with an image that contains both Black and White ( that photoshop does not do) and for large complex shapes with just an image in your materials but not used as a brush ( because you cannot easily place large complex shapes cos the CSP brush cursor is not the shape of the tip image). Perhaps the only exception was smoke shaped brushes .... until I found ways to create smoke dynamically with CSP brushes ( which is so much better than a fixed pre.created smoke image).

  • @888toto Eeeeeee, such a bummer.
    I have like 50 different blood splatter brushes in CS6. Some smoke lots of different dust brushes etc.
    I guess I will just bring one over at a time when the need arises.
    Soooo, what is your youtube handle? :-)