Transferring heads

  • Is there an easy way to take one characters head and apply it to another figure, whilst keeping all the morphs in place? Just cause I've got a completed figure, just without any head morphs and whenever I try to make a head in the face room, it doesn't work with the head and, whilst I am open to suggestions to ways around this, I'd also like to know if just taking another characters head from the library is possible.

    If its important, I'm using poser 11.

  • What base figure are you using? Also, the Face Room is only compatible with the figures that Poser comes with. (ie: DAZ figures aren't compatible with the Face Room.)

  • If you doing a single frame render, load both figures and hide parts.
    That way all the morphs still work in both figures.

    If you are doing an animation, you will have to play around with it to see what way works best, copying joint centers and conforming the figures together, or simply parenting

  • @morkonan Sorry, I really suck with terminology. The figure without the rigged head is one I made, which is an obj figure that is saved to the poser library (idk if its now a poser model or not.) The head I want to take is Ginger 2's head from the poser library.