Pen looses cursor control, but mouse retains it?

  • I'm using CSP 1.6.2 with a Huion graphics tablet and Windows 10.

    Sometimes when I'm drawing with a pen and I change from one tool\brush to another my cursor will stay the same (On the previous tool\pen). I can move the pen around and the cursor moves, but the nib\buttons don't do anything and I can't draw\use the selected tool.

    I have position tracking but nothing else.

    If I use the mouse everything is 100% normal. I move the mouse and suddenly it shows the correct cursor and I can draw like I usually would.

    If I put the mouse down, and pick up the pen again (Having done nothing but put one device down and pick the other up) I'm suddenly back with the previous cursor, and I can't draw.

    Literally, without changing anything except putting the pen within detection range of the tablet the cursor goes back to the original cursor and I can't draw.

    I have to close CSP down and open it again to resolve this.

  • I'm working with Huion on a separate issue and they have sent me the following troubleshooting procedures that may help you.

    If you're using a rechargeable pen, charge it for at least an hour before doing your troubleshooting. If you have the battery pen, put a fresh battery in it. Double check your cables and USB ports too.

    Huion diagnostic procedures:

    Diagnose pen problem or tablet problem
    If the light on the tablet flashes when the following circumstances occur, then the tablet itself is fine.

    1. The pen touches the tablet surface
    2. The pen hovers within 0.4 inches above the tablet
    3. The moment when you plug the tablet into your computer
    4. The moment when you press the express keys

    Driver reinstallation
    Here's the steps to reinstall the Huion driver.

    1. Log out the Huion driver, close all drawing programs you are running, close your anti virus software.
    2. Uninstall the Huion driver from control panel.
    3. Find the "TabletDriver" folder inC:\Program files\ and delete it. (If you are not able to find this folder, that means you have deleted it already, and you may skip this step.)
    4. Go to C:\windows\system32 or C:\windows\system64, find "wintab32.dll" and delete it. [Even though I have Windows 10 64-bit, there is no \system64 directory. There is a hidden \sysWOW64 directory where wintab is listed.]
    5. Unplug the USB cable.
    6. Download driver from Huion website and install it as an Administrator.
    7. Reboot the computer and wait until it finishes rebooting.
    8. Plug the tablet back in.