Tracking your time taken in creating?

  • Hey there, I was wondering, as fun little fact, if there is a way to track how much time you spent on a drawing? Since I lose track of time all the time when indulging myself in a new piece of work. It'd be neat if there was a way to track active time spent in each project.

  • I use a pomodoro app (Be Focused Pro -- may be MacOS only, not sure) to allow me to take breaks. I've set it up for 30 minutes of work then a break and so on. Nice thing is that it tracks different tasks. So I use each task as a different job. Add up the work "sessions" divide by 2 and I have my hours I spent on the project. So I get a two-fer, not only do I get breaks so I don't kill my back, I get a nice time-tracker.

    Just to interject a bit of health info, it's never good to stay drawing for extended periods of time. I've found that since I started being really insistent on doing my "poms" I've been more productive, creative and am dealing with much less eyestrain and back aches. And my work has improved a lot. And sometimes leaving ones work and coming back in 5 minutes can refresh one's eyes to see mistakes or areas of improvement much quicker and better than not taking breaks.

  • That sounds like a really good idea honestly! I do tend to lose focus and quality progress when working in too long sessions. I'll try find an app that works to my needs. That will also help me keep track of hour spent on projects.
    Thanks for the heads-up!