How to create a Brush from Image / clipart

  • Hi Guys,

    I am attempting to create a custom Brush.

    So far i have done this.

    1. Went to Material / Image Material / Brush.
    2. Dragged GRASS C12 to workspace, tweaked it, selected it.
    3. Went to EDIT Menu, Register material, Image .. Window opens. Put the new image in to Material / Image Material / Brush folder. Said OK
    4. This is where i come undone

    So where to from there?

    I am using the latest 1.62 version of Clip Studio ..


  • Now that you have a brush tip made, duplicate a brush that is similar to the type of brush you want to create. If you're making a watercolor brush, duplicate a watercolor brush. If you're making an oil brush, duplicate one of those. No point trying to turn a G-Pen into a pencil. Name your new brush. Then open the Sub Tool Detail palette and replace the Brush Tip with the new tip you made. Make adjustments to the settings as needed and click Register Settings as Initial Settings.