Clothing Morphs don't work independent of body

  • After I conform clothing, I sometimes want to increase, say, the Breast Size or Waist width of the selected clothing. When I do, V4 body follows suit making any adjustment for poke through or a tighter fit useless. It does no good to increase V4's clothing cup size when her body breast size increases along with the clothing.

    This is different behavior than what I'm used to. This one has me puzzled. Is there a way to defeat this or is it crosstalk or what?

    Poser Pro 11 -

  • If you have the latest SR (SR6) try unchecking "Master Sync Enabled" in the dropdown/flyout list (little white arrow) of your parameters dials palette. May help, no promises.

  • That is how superconforming works. If you want to adjust the clothing only, you should be using the morph brush to make your adjustments.

  • @rlowens68 This was exactly the answer. I unchecked Master Sync Enabled and I was able to make minute adjustments as I needed. Thanks for your help.

    @Glitterati3d Is that the difference between conforming and Superconforming clothing? I do use morph brush to address pokethrough on a few items but it's good to know the how and why.

  • @maestro Superconforming = the figure controls the morphs in the conformed item. You cannot operate the morphs in a superconformed "shirt," you operate them in the figure. And the morphs follow the figure. This is why most superconforming morphs are hidden in clothing - the end user can't manipulate them anyway, so why clutter the parameters tab?

  • A related question:

    It used to be, or so it has been said, that to remove the "super conforming" nature of a conforming item, all one had to do was to save the unconformed item to the library, separately. But, that doesn't seem to work any longer. I assume with the Master Sync dials in the CR2, this "positive-use bug" no longer works.

    Is there a way to permanently "un-superconform" an item without manually editing the CR2?

  • @Glitterati3D WOW! I had no idea how that worked. I've been doing the usual conform and tweak morphs. Thanks for the information, Glitterati!