Transform layers: CSP Object File vs Photoshop Smart Object

  • A noob question:
    I can move, rotate and resize (proportional only) CSP Object Files non-destructively, but not able to apply transform or mesh transform.

    In PS you can do that on Smart Objects (excluding the mesh): Is this not applicable to CSP? Or have I missed something?

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    • Make a selection.

    • Go to Edit| Transform and choose the Mesh transform option.

    • In the tool properties palette, change the "number of Lattice Points" to 2 on both horizontal and vertical and you'll have the same abilities as what you described in PS.

    • With more Lattice Points you can do pretty great adjustments, distortion to your selection. Caveat: once you start moving points around, the number of points gets "set" so if you find you need more/less points or you just FUBARed your selection, just hit the ESC button and you're back to your original selection so you can start again.

    Yeah, there's a wealth of features and options hidden within sub menus in CSP. One option is to use the Selection Launcher Settings to include more selection options. I have a drop down menu I added that includes the Mesh Transform option so it's right there below my selection and I don't have to keyboard or go up to the menu to select. If you're familiar with the command bar settings, the Selection Launcher Settings work pretty much the same when it comes to adding menu commands and such.

  • Normal transformation is not possible unfortunately, but I did find out that with the Object tool selected there is the option to choose "free transform" under the header "how to transform". I believe this is normally set to "scale up/scale down/rotate". I only just discovered this, and it is quite handy! A downside is that you can not return to the other option once you started free transforming.

  • @cartoonMike
    Thanks for reply. A very nice tip using the Selection Launcher Settings which I didn't know. Very usable.

    Yet as far I can see we can't use the transform tools on a File Object Layer. These tools are greyed out alltogether. Is this correct? This would otherwise be very convinient thus editing the layers in a non destructive way.

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  • @postma

    >>Object tool selected there is the option to choose "free transform" under the header "how to transform"<<

    Thanks alot! Problem solved. This was actually what I was looking for.
    This option matches fully the Smart Object facility in Photoshop.

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