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  • Hi there... It's great to see that Poser finally has it's own forums on the home site where they should be!

    I had a question I'm hoping I can get an answer to. I've been making products for both DS and Poser for several years, both freebies and items I sell. Some of my items are sold on Content Paradise through a brokerage agreement with another site, but most of my items are released on my own site. I'm wondering what the policy is here on announcing 3rd party products for use in DS/Poser. If I was releasing a new product or freebie could I announce it here for the forum members to see or is that a no-no like on most other sites?

    Just wanted to ask so I could figure out what rules are in place before I post anything I shouldn't and I couldn't find anything in the FAQ's to answer the question...

  • Just so you know we're discussing the pros and cons of this internally. We will be posting an official stance as soon as it's decided.

  • Thanks for the reply... I just figured I'd ask since I'm sure others would like to know as well... It's perfectly understandable and will look for the official stance once a decision has been made. In the mean-time I am very happy to see that you guys finally have an official forum here... :)

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  • @bagginsbill Thanks BB. I had similar thoughts today over at Renderosity, which to my knowledge makes most of it's content sales off the figures from other sites. That seems to include add-on packs for hair and clothing. But for some reason they won't let you link to the hair or clothing product from other sites because... well, it's another site. I guess they're afraid you won't come back.

  • I suggest you create two sub forums:

    • A Content Paradise forum for announcing products and interacting with customers in an open way

    • A Third Party Community forum for indies, add-on makers and freebies (that aren't on CP), that are compatible with Smith Micro products

    There is an unofficial Content Paradise forum on Facebook where anyone can announce stuff they are selling on CP can post.

    It is clear that DAZ and Rendo alienated some people in the community by forbidding third party mentions.

    Since Smith Micro sells content creation and aggregation tools like Poser and Anime Studio, it is in their interest to promote partners who are promoting SM products. Hopefully that's what will happen.

  • @meshbox Facebook is EVIL!!!!!!!:skull:

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    @meshbox I like the idea of two sub-forums. One for official CP/SM Product announcements, and one for indies and third parties. I would endorse this idea.

    @eclark1849 said in Question regarding 3rd Party sites:

    @meshbox Facebook is EVIL!!!!!!!:skull:
    I would tend to agree as a general rule - despite having a page there myself. Now that RDNA is functionally no more for me, it is the only way for me to stay in touch with a few people.

  • Two areas seems fair to me and I'm sure that others would be happy with that idea as well... :)