Once file is saved, perspective ruler tool doesn't seem to work upon re-opening.

  • I have both Clip Studio Art and Manga Studio 5 (one is at work, one is at home) and both will not open the native file saving format with the perspective ruler tool in a workable mode. The tool is still there on it's layer, but when activated and visible, it is not allowing for snap-to drawing on any layer.

    Is there someway around this? Do I have to do something to re-activate the perspective tool? (clicking on it will not make it green or give any of the handles/prompts.

  • Had what seems to be the same issue.Make sure that the "snap to special ruler" is active (it's in the command bar, see graphic below). If it was working before the save and closing of CSP, then click on the "Change Ruler Special Snap" button (also on the command bar, not sure if it's default or not) and it should work.

    Make sure that your tools Snap option is on. Sometimes the Snap option is off and the tool is set not to retain any changes, so even if you make the snap active, the moment you change tools or quit the app and reopen the file, the tool will default back to it's saved state. This is why I always have the tool property palette open and have the Snap option visible in it. Go to the Sub tool detail for the tool and in the Correction category click on the box to the right of "Able to Snap" entry. Then, if the tool is exactly how you want it to be, click on the Register to Default Settings button. and your tool is now set to snap along with any other changes you make to it.

    If you're drawing on a separate layer, make sure that the mode for the perspective ruler is set to either All layers or layers within a folder -- depending on your workflow. But it seems from your description that's not the issue. But I could be mistaken.


    One neat thing is that when you're dealing with diagonal or Special vanishing points (such as to make things the same width in perspective, rooftops, etc), create the special VPs on different layers (making sure you give them a meaningful name) and then you can switch from them to the next one by clicking on the Change Ruler Special Snap (oh the names CSP has for things...) button. Since these Special Vanishing Point layers/rulers are just for reference, I make the layers greyscale and set the Layer color to colors that I'm not using when pencilling (like Strawberry and Cantaloupe using MacOS Crayon color palette) so I can do the construction on those layers and then on my pencilling layer do the actual drawing. Cantalope is what White would normally be, i.e. the layer sub color, while Black is Strawberry, the Layer color black. I mapped the keyboard toggle to go between normal and Layer color to the Star (*) key on my extended keyboard since CSP understands that the Start key is in the numeric keypad part of the keyboard and not shift-8.

  • That did it! I was not finding that little toggle for the life of me. Thank you so much!!!!