Poser 11 Loading Preset Magnets To Wrong Figure

  • @cujoe_da_man said in Poser 11 Loading Preset Magnets To Wrong Figure:

    So, it seems to be an internal error on Poser's part and not how the magnet is being saved or applied to the scene when saved as a preset prop. I'm completely at a loss here.

    Really weird. I'll have to play around with this a bit. I often save things with parented magnets, as they are, with no issues. Yet, sometimes I have seen this issue where a magnet reparents itself in a weird way when loaded or on conforming clothing. For prop-saved parenting magnets, I have only used those sporadically, since I prefer manually doing custom-fits and the like. BUT, they are still very useful for things other than as "fitting magnets" so it's worth trying to figure this issue out.

  • @morkonan

    I am curious to see what other people find and if it can be duplicated so it can be looked into.