How to transform a group of layers folderwise?

  • I can't figure out how to transform a group of layers folderwise. Everytime I select layer folder in the list and then try to transform (repostion/scale/rotate) the folder and the contaning layers, just the frontmost layer inside the folder is activated.


    Tried to search for this in manual but didn't find this issue.

    (1) I'm looking for a feature like in PhotoShop, where I can choose group/folder of layers and transform them together.


    (2) Why can't I (or how can I) transform multiple layers if I shift-click-select them?

    How is this done in CSP?

    Kind regards, Mikael

  • You must select the folder - the layer folder

  • @patfumetto
    You're right! The procedure is slightly different in CSP vs PS and that confused me. One doesen't need to check any group-setting like in PS.

    Selecting cmd-T or -R does the trick with layer folder selected. Otherwise, if you point and click with the move/object tools, you will just activate the frontmost layer

    Thank you very much. Even if it's quite self-evident I could have spend the whole weekend getting the grasp of this ;)

    Kind regards,

  • [ SOLVED ] :)