• Im just curious, The tabbs for the panels is that permanent or just default?
    I really dont like it.

  • The interface is default. You can drag stuff around and dock it where you like, turn panels on and off, and also create workspaces to save various tool layouts. It's very flexible, but don't get too ambitious customizing things until you are comfortable, it's also easy to mess stuff up. ;)

  • @pavig thanks, I'm familiar with the floating pallets, fixed pallet width and all that, but the tabbed pallet was an option in the previous version. So now it's permanent?

  • 1_1485721704439_tabbed.PNG 0_1485721704439_non tabbed.PNG

  • This has to do with tablet PC settings. I guess you are working on a touch enabled PC? The new version seems to have changed some of the default setting, but go to Preferences / Interface. There should be a setting here for touch enabled devices, but unfortunately I can not check it in my version as I am on a mac, which does not have this option.

  • @postma no, my tablet is. Intruos 5 touch

  • I have an intuos 5 touch as well :-)

    But you are on a PC, right? I still think this has to do with the interface being optimized for touch. This setting can be changed. See this screenshot from a review by Borodante on Youtube:


    See if this setting is checked, unchecking it should get rid of the tabs, as I don't have them on the Mac.

  • No, I don't have a "Touch enabled PC, but my Wacom is and there's no setting for touch enabled devices. But It's ok I was able to reassemble the pallets (By accident) to the previous version, then realized I like the default way better but didn't know how to drag the pallets back to the cascaded configuration so I reset the workspace to default. The instructions in the CSP user guide wasn't clear enough in their explanation though- smh . Thanks for your help @postma