PP2014 TerraDome 2 Lightning

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    Oooops! I read the post, but missed the Pro2014 reference right in the thread title!
    I can make the lightning billboards work in Firefly (P9/Pro2012+). Must render with IDL engaged and at pretty high settings for irradiance cache and IDL quality, so expect long render times.

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    Here's a P9/Pro2012 Firefly IDL render using the same lightcasting billboard technique - the "Palace Theatre" sign. You can see that it definitely casts light onto the stone wall behind it.
    0_1485786721937_Tink's Cafe' - Superfly test 02 Palace Theatre.jpg

  • Thanks for the replies, folks.

    I have the Ride the Lightning product, but I'm really after a gigantic effect which is blindingly bright. I can't find a really decent example image, so maybe I'm just dreaming of it being a bigger effect than it really could be, I don't know.

  • @seachnasaigh Are you sure that is a Firefly render? The grain is a giveaway.

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    Ack! You're right! I did renders with both engines. Firefly, IDL:

    Mods: Please add correction to or delete my post three posts up with the Superfly render of Palace Theatre.

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    Animated lightning demo, using sequential JPEGs in the movie node (Superfly animation). I can make this work for P9/Pro2012 and later Firefly, but you'll need to render with IDL engaged and at high irradiance cache and IDL quality settings (=>67% each), so expect long render times.
    lightning animation

    I had to compress the GIF down to 80% dither and 21% lossiness.

    If you want to see it at rendered size (1200x750), I made a 95% compression ShockWaveFlash. It's 8.20MB, though. Superfly lightcasting lightning animation.

    I'll post a still shortly. It will take a while for me to extract the billboard geometry and package the lightning props (in both P9/Pro2012+ Firefly and Superfly versions).

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    Frame 001 of that animation...
    0_1485832262150_Lightning enviro Sfly f001.jpg

    render settings...
    0_1485832998741_Lightning enviro Sfly f001 render settings.PNG

    Mistakes I made on render settings because I was in a hurry:

    • "sample all lights direct" I normally have ticked - but no Poser lights in the scene, so probably not harmful

    • Subsurface samples - waste of render time; no SSS materials

    • volume samples - waste of render time; no volumetric materials

    • volume bounces - waste of render time; no volumetric materials

    • diffuse bounces - should have given it 4 bounces to improve the lightcasting

    What's relevant is

    • pixel samples = 30

    • mesh light samples = 30

  • @seachnasaigh Interesting proof opf concept. Projected onto a plane?

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    @matb said in PP2014 TerraDome 2 Lightning:

    Projected onto a plane?

    Yes, that's what I mean by "billboard". A simple flat square in this case, with the lightning JPEGs controlling the transparency.
    I used three billboards side by side, with the frame number for each billboard staggered by ten frames.
    So in scene frame 001, billboard A shows JPEG 001, billboard B shows JPEG 011, and billboard C shows JPEG 021.

  • @seachnasaigh Most illuminating. <Bond villain mode OFF>

  • Some interesting results here, thank you folks! :)