Filters Gone?

  • I downloaded the update 1.6.2. for CSP and went to use one of the blur filters but everything in the Filters menu. Not sure if its part of the update or something went wrong but I haven't seen anybody else talking about it or anything on the CSP website, so it may just be a fluke with my copy. Anybody have a way to fix that? I've heard you can reset some tools but I'm unsure what to reset specifically for Filters. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    BTW I have Pro not Ex, not sure if that matters.

  • I have EXACTLY the same problem!
    -you used to be able to download the so-called Assets but when you press it you simply get re-directed to the Assets page...and there after NO filters there?

  • Oh shoot I'm sorry I totally forgot I posted here (I posted this question to other forums as well with about the same amount of success). Since I got no replies I emailed CSP's customer service (who I should have gone to first but thought I should ask here just in case it was a small issue) and they told me to uninstall (there's a guide online) then reinstall CSP and that did restore all the Filters options. If that doesn't work I'd contact customer service as well. Hope that helps!

  • Hello Sir!
    Thank you very much for your reply!
    It WAS indeed a corrupted installation and a total un-install/new clean install of CSP Ex did the trick :o)
    Thank you so much my friend.
    -I am a happy bunny now ;o)