What's your dongle?

  • I've tested out two kinds of dongles with my new MacBook. when panning with the space key using my dondle (chroetech) I'm experiencing lags (sometimes the pan tool responds, and then sometimes not). Has anyone else experienced the same thing? What dongle are you using?

  • @bayridgeartist
    What is a dongle in this context?

    Dongle usually means a hardware device meant to be plugged into a port on the computer, and accessible to software that either wants to know it's there, or needs something from it to work. It's a copy protection scheme. The Pro-Tools audio software uses these. One is a flashdrive sized dongle to make their licenses portable between workstations; ensuring that the user is licensed to use certain commercial plugins that may be installed; and another they use is actually a full soundcard in a box, that the program refuses to run without having that connected.

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