Experiments in creating necklaces etc for use in Poser's cloth room

  • @estherau It's definitely showing a lot of promise. I think that loops like bracelets and necklaces seem to work best with a dynamic mesh of rectangles connected along their short edges, whereas freely dangling chains seem to work best with a dynamic mesh of diamonds connected by single vertices (provided you don't run into the chaotic behaviour). Dangly chains connected at both ends I'm not sure. The whole earing in the above videos uses a dynamic mesh of diamonds connected by single vertices and seems stable. But the next one (which I'm still working on) is rather chaotic.

    Assigning the modelled chain links to the soft-decorated group results in some stretching and distortion, but generally looks acceptable, whereas assigning them to the rigid-decorated group is a total failure as various links appear to disconnect and dance about independently of the dynamic mesh.

  • PP2 files for three of these test earrings uploaded to ShareCG if anybody wants to play. BajTest4 is the original sticky one, BajTest5B has the free dangles starting sticking out horizontally so they don't stick, and BajTest7 has the extra chain connecting the two free dangles plus a couple of red gems replacing some links.


  • @3dcheapskate This is some crazy s**t. You kn ow when your done someone's gonna ask you to make some nipple chains for them. LOL

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    @3dcheapskate Awesome work. Thanks for sharing your tips. Very much appreciated. Have to make a few tests too. Have some crazy stuff in mind too and those tips are for sure useful :)

  • @ghostship - hopefully when I'm done it'll be so easy for anybody to knock up a dynamic chain that they won't need to ask ! Talking of crazy s**t - I had a really bizarre sim result on a simple chain necklace loop. Remodelled everything from scratch and tried again - same bizarre result (and it only happens using the soft decorated - the rigid decorated works as expected). Rendering a video in a short while.

    @Ladonna - From what I've seen so far the two things that cause the biggest difference in behaviour are (1) rectangular quads (single edge connections) v. diamond quads (single vertex connections) for the dynamic mesh, and (2) using the rigid decorated group v. using the soft decorated group.

    Anyway, it's still ongoing, but meanwhile here's an aside - another possible use for this idea (and nothing to do with nipple chains! The proximity of this test to that suggestion is mere coincidence...):
    Result of a 90 second sim (with 10 drape frames) positioning the mesh correctly for her arm on frame 1, and correctly for the wall plate on frame 90. Some obvious distortion of links at both ends, but this was just a quickly knocked up 'I wonder if that would work?' A little bit more thought and care about how to connect the constrained and choreographed parts to the chain/dynamic part should improve that.

  • Okay, that weird sim result. Here's what it looks like after 90 frames with the chain links assigned to the rigid decorated group - this is as expected:
    But if I put the chain links in the soft decorated group - weird s**t! The video clips only 1 second (30 frames) but it continues rolling like that forever without moving.

  • New video uploaded, but this time about a minute and a half. A few tests of the latest earring, using both diamond and rectangular meshes for the underlying dynamics. This time I did a bit of video editing and put several 3 second animations together with some explanatory words and pictures.

    Increasing the cloth density seemed to fix both the diamond-based mesh's overenthusiastic bounciness and the rectangle-based mesh's refusal to move.
    Not sure how generic that observation will be. Scale may have a big impact (i.e. earring as opposed to anchor chain). The fact that both ends of the chain are fixed may also have a big impact.