Migrate brush/workspace prefs across versions and platforms (MS to CS - mac to pc)

  • Hi all,

    A friend is letting me borrow his Cintiq Studio Pro for a job this week but I'm facing a problem:

    I'm still using Manga Studio ex5 on my mac. My friend is running Clip Studio on his Cintiq Studio Pro, and it's running on Windows 10.

    I want to migrate my custom work space brushes and tool preferences from my mac version of MS-ex5 to his pc version of Clip Studio.

    Does anyone know if this is possible? If yes, please help -- and more important -- treat me like a novice.

    Thanks so much

  • Great question. I have a companion and I'd like to do the same thing.

  • In theory... you would replace your friends tools and settings by putting his Documents>CELRSYS_EN>CLIPStudioCommon folder somewhere safe and putting your equivalent file folder in its place. However , as I would expect rule one when using a friends toys is not to break them... I personally would not do that (particularly because I have not done it cross operating systems or across differrent levels of licencing). I would probably just export 5 tools that I need most and drag-import them into the friends workspace. If you do risk it...tell us how it went .

  • Thanks toto.

    I looked into that, but I noticed the file names end with different extensions. Because we're talking about mac vs pc platforms I opted not to take the chance of manually replacing files.

    This is rather frustrating. Didn't have this issue with Photoshop. Was able to export brushes and workspace prefs from mac and import to PC without issue, and that was sharing a mac version of CS6 to a PC version of CC.

    Additional problem: I don't even know how to export individual brushes from Manga Studio, so the one at a time export is also beyond me. If you can maybe post a link to an instructional for that, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again --

  • With a brush or tool selected click on the top left corner icon of the Sub Tool palette .. which gives you a menu... pick "Export Subtool..." It will be saved an a .SUT file.... and these do import onto a mac.

  • @888toto Thanks for writing that up. Most kind. I'll give it a shot. :)