Layer snapping to grid + alignment

  • Two questions:

    (1) How do one make layers snap to the grid?
    (2) Is there any aligment (layer) options available in CSP?

    Kind regards, Mikael

  • There's a Snap to Grid button on the command bar. No real alignment options other than what you'll find in the Transform options which can align selections to points and guides on the canvas.

  • @garlam
    Thanks. Hm, I understand that layers won't apply to grid and rulers, OK?


    You mention transform options: I can't make cmt-t operations do it either -- is that correct? Or may I have missed a setting in the subtools panel?


    Kind regards,

  • The guides it will snap to are the Default border, trim, safe area and such. What you do is assign the corner of the transformation box as the point of orientation and then resize with that point on the guide then return to original size. It's not really an alignment option; more of a work around.

    It won't drag and snap.

  • @garlam
    Thanks for your feedback. I'll keep it in mind.

    Kind regads, M.