Rendering just an outline of the model - Like a Line Drawing

  • Hi--

    brand new to poser..

    and i was wondering if there is an easy way to render just the outline of the 3d model
    not just the silhouette
    but like a line drawing of the model and clothes

    I would like to use poser to create some figures for book illustrations..

    so far playing around with it..
    i can somewhat come up with something that I would like to use..
    but not all the way...

    i was playing around with the comic book settings
    and my result was not something that I am really looking for

    I also took one of the people (pauline)
    and changed her skin to white color
    and in the materials room- set up a toon render on all visible parts (shirt, pants, shoes, hair, head, arms, torso, etc..)
    and the result with rendering with a toon outline is not so bad
    but not really what i am looking for

    for the toon line rendering -- i did try to follow this tutorial:

    but setting the transparency of the one sided square -- just makes the square disappear for me-
    it doesn't produce any lines...

    I also tried the sketch settings
    and rendered some sketches..
    the result was ok
    but I could not figure out how to make the outline more distinct...

    does anyone
    know of any tutorial that might guide me in the direction that I would like to go?

    thank you

  • Is this what you mean?


    If so, I had the Document Display set to Cartoon w/Line, and then the comic book preview options as shown in the pic. The pic also shows the ED209 rendered using Superfly just to show you what it looks like as a normal render. To render the outline in render settings select Preview and set your desired render dimensions and render.

  • thanks

    that pretty much did the trick

    what you just wrote - could have saved me about 6 hours of playing around today
    so thank you very much-- i really appreciate it


    I am getting some lines through the figure?
    is there any easy fix for that?

    i just tried the render on a James Casual


  • seems to be shadow..
    need to read up and watch some tutorials on lighting


  • @franklinf switch off all lights except Diffuse. Adjust the diffuse lighting.

  • Try this also. Go to Display->Cartoon Settings and select One Tone or Smooth Toned. That gave me this without any shadowing. The figure remained shadowless however I rotated the camera around him.


  • Here's a quick anim I did to show there are no shadows on the figure.

    outline anim

  • @raven said in Rendering just an outline of the model - Like a Line Drawing:

    Here's a quick anim I did to show there are no shadows on the figure.

    Nice! Curious - With just "lines" being rendered, not saying that's simple, how long did it take to render those frames?

  • @morkonan Sorry it's a bit of a late reply, I wasn't online over the weekend.
    I went to Make Movie, selected Preview as the render engine, output as image files, and the 75 frames rendered in just under 30 seconds at 640x480. I probably spent more time on it assembling it in PSP7 (cropping it down) and exporting it as a gif.

  • @raven

    Thanks! That's pretty darn fast! :) Nicely done!

  • so cool...
    thank you so much..

    this has to be the best forum ever...
    I appreciate this so much...

  • Pinging for extreme comic line knowledge!

    Thanks People!!