Issue with Huion Tablet

  • Hiya guys! New here and come to ask a question about a seeming glitch I'm having. Basically I have a Huion GT156-HD and every time I use the hotkey on the side of the tablet (the one I have set to undo) I then cannot draw in the canvas area.

    The only way I've found to remedy this is to Ctrl-K (which I've now had to do so many times I've set it as another hotkey) and then press okay (even though when I open up the tablet preferences window it does have "TabletPC" checked rather than wintab, I believe that somehow it is being switched to wintab each time I use these hotkeys and thus I cannot use my pen in the canvas area).

    When this happens the cursor can still be controlled by the pen but whenever I press down to make a stroke, the cursor on screen stays stock still and nothing happens. It is incredibly frustrating to have to Ctrl-K-okay every time I undo. :(

    I did seem to find a temporary remedy yesterday when I set one of the pen hotkeys to undo. This meant that the wintab thing still happened, but fewer times (it took a few clicks, a few times for it then to go WHOA NO, WINTAB and then I'd have to do the whole Ctrl-K rigamarole again). This now isn't working anymore. Undoing with the pen hotkey switches it to wintab mode (or seems to give an equivalent effect, even though tabletPC is selected; either way I end up not being able to draw!)

    This wasn't always an issue, it used to work fine so I don't know what has happened. Any solutions? :( It's driving me mad (and I'm a full time artist writing a comic, so I really would love to get this fixed!)