No animated gifs?

  • According to the FAQs (specifically these: ) .gif files can be uploaded. I have a 166kb ani-gif I wanted to upload in regards to a thread I'm in but I can't. I get this error message.


    If it's just non-animated gif files only could an amendment to the filetypes allowed be made to clarify please? Thanks.

  • This forum software requires a plugin to handle animated gifs. Actually, it handles all images if you install it.

    That plugin was the one that was degrading image quality within the posts unless you clicked on it and brought it up in separately in the browser.

    If we turn it back on, it does odd things to every image posted. Which is a tad counter productive on an art site that you actually want detail and it to look the same as intended. So you can see renders as they were meant to seen, not loose detail on things like shader setups and numbers, etc. Well, so it looks like you wanted it too.

    So that sort of left us with a choice. add animated gif support and degrade the rest, or remotely host animated gifs.

    There is another way to set it up as well, but that way converts all images to png for internal storage on the server, and they don't animate either.

    You can remotely host the animated gifs, and it will work fine thou.
    This is a random one I picked just as an example.
    alt text

  • That's ok, no worries. The way it is now is fine, like you say, with screen shots etc they need to be clearly visible.
    Cheers :)