RDNA Forums are gone. :(

  • DAZ of course noted the RDNA Store would close February 1st, but sadly the RDNA Forums seem to have gone away along with the Store. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, none of it was captured in the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, so all of that information is lost.

    Not entirely unexpected, but disappointing, nonetheless....

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    I have no words.

  • @wandw

    Shouldn't be surprised. We know how Daz is.

  • Ugh, I'm getting so depressed at the thought of this community's future. :(

  • I discovered that a short while ago pursuing a link to just the answer I needed. Of course, SM should have archived it all.

  • Sadly, not surprised. They scuttled the Poser Pros forums not too long after shutting down that store. And that was back when Poser was the main target of their 3d products.

  • @modus0 said in RDNA Forums are gone. :(:

    Sadly, not surprised. They scuttled the Poser Pros forums not too long after shutting down that store. And that was back when Poser was the main target of their 3d products.

    The Poser Pros Forum was up for three years, and is still available on the Wayback Machine...


  • /mourn

    Another piece of history, lost to the fallibility of man. The world is now a little more ignorant. Soon, we'll have all the power one could want at our fingertips, but be too ignorant to know how to use it...

  • I heard that RDNA was not making enough money to pay the bills. And that is why they sold their marketplace to DAZ.

  • Not quite true. There seem to be old snapshots of a few forum threads* from back in 2015, e.g. this one 14 Sep 2015 (but that's the only snapshot of this thread. The other 4 pages of the thread are also captured, I think? Maybe on adifferent date?):


    You might be lucky with other old threadsand find one or two snapshots.

    There are far more snapshots of the RDNA homepage, but it looks like something was done mid 2016 at RDNA which reduced (and eventually blocked) further captures by archive.org:

    *A few years back I got into the habit of downloading complete threads that I found to be of specific interest (using Firefox's MAFF format, which faithfully saves a whole pagein a ZIP file). Unfortunately I only saved a very limited number of threads in that way.

  • @willdial said in RDNA Forums are gone. :(:

    I heard that RDNA was not making enough money to pay the bills. And that is why they sold their marketplace to DAZ.

    If that's the case it can surely only be because they were not proactive enough about self promotion OR they didn't attract enough content creators. I can't imagine it costs more to host their content than the content made from its sales.

  • I had problems accessing the forums one day . . . maybe a week ago, and thought that was it, but then I was able to access it later that day.

    Then this morning I tried, and again couldn't access it. Seeing this post makes me sad because of all the good information in the forums, but they've had spammers ruining it for quite a while now. I think I noticed Eric/Traveler there one day, so someone might have PM'd him at DAZ and told him, because I haven't seen any new spammers online. They had made a huge mess of the Newsletter Archive subforum, and I noticed a couple of spam messages elsewhere as well.

    Personally, I think they should've either made it Read Only, or closed new registrations, but it surely wasn't my call.

  • @James_in_3D said in RDNA Forums are gone. :(:

    I'm not surprised.

    There were discussions (here, I think, after this forum started) regarding who actually owned the RDNA forum posts, and what kind of copyright, if any, applied ... and I'm not sure it was ever settled.

    For future reference - As a general practice, unless specifically otherwise stated by a TOS/EULA, the "publisher", being the owner of the webpage in question, has what is considered "first publishing" rights as well as a powerful case for outright "copyright" of anything written or posted to their "property." That being said, strong claims of original copyright, of course, can be made by any creator, but they have to contest for it. This is especially true for any "open" forums where content can be visible to anyone. For this reason, some forums have closed areas where only members are allowed and search spiders can not reach. This binds members to TOS/EULAs and can offer limited first-publishing protection, with the idea that because of this, the original creator can retain uncontested copyright/publishing rights. (Some such forums even purge/delete/time-out some content, to preserve the rights of member creators, or encourage members to do this, themselves.)

    Hosted creator-original files, maybe even 2D content that is linked/displayed, but hosted on third-party sites, could retain original copyright rights. (Files, by their nature unpublishable in any usable way within the common display medium, and with clear provenance possible, as creator-statements within the file, itself, could be exempt, since they're not in usable form.) "Code" however... That's something that could be governed under other conventions. :)

    TLDR - This is why there are copyright lawyers...

    PS - The Poser Pros forum was "the place" to learn. After it went into permanent archive mode, RDNA was where the deep thinkers went. Now? Who knows? I could name a few places we probably wouldn't find such an esoteric collection, though. :)

  • Just noticed that I missed the final "!" from the URL - should have been :


    From that archived page the link to page 2 of the thread works. But the links to pages 3 to 5 don't. However, if you manually append "/page3" to the URL above that works."/page4" doesn't though. So even if the Wayback Machine has a snapshot of one page of a thread...

    Not really an option then.

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    That was expected. I think Daz 3D have seen too many sci-fi moves. "Resistance is futile - you will all be assimilated"!

  • @Batman Except . . . they didn't assimilate the RDNA forums; only the store.

    There was a lot of good Poser information on that forum, and DAZ couldn't care less about that. Unfortunately.

  • This is bad and sad news, I expected RDNA forum will stay at least for bit longer or they will leave forum as read only

    As with everything,RDNA missed boat with not going with Genesis in first place and then loosing several good vendors like Aery Soul

    For Poser only products or scripts RDNA has been probably best, will be missed...

    Thanks, Jura

  • meh oh well whatever, rdna is dead finally.

    Let's try and support this place with helpful posts and not let Rendo slip any further.

  • @johndoe641 I've always found Rendo's main problem to be Rendo. It doesn't help that Rendo (not the moderators) doesn't seem to listen to what people tell it.

  • @eclark1849 ha yeah they're really bad at that. The forum "improvements" were some of the most amateur and terrible "attempts" I've ever seen. Those "Engineers" shouldn't have been paid a dime with the crap they gave us.

    They sell a lot of good stuff though and I have a lot of money spent there, so I really hope they aren't going anywhere soon.